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smurfee mcgee avatar 9:43 PM on 11.07.2008  (server time)
FnF: Totally NOT ready to Friday

Yeah. Awesome.

I was looking forward to FNF today. Possibly one of the biggest releases for the Xbox 360 came out this week. However, Microsoft hates every single one of it's customers and I'm no exception.
I barely even got time with Fallout 3 or Quantum of Solace.

So, instead of Shooting giant insect-human creatures with other d-toiders, I'm playing de Blob. Might even get in some Goldeneye. Not bad games, but certainly not what I had in mind.
My 360 is in a corner waiting to be shipped to Texas so it can be thrown away and replaced with another shitty refurbed system that will last another few months. Why the fuck do I even bother buying games?

And Why does this seem familiar? ...
Oh yeah, the same thing happened last year just before the release of Halo 3. Wow; my 360 has timing.
I'm seriously fucking sick of Microsoft their shoddy consoles. It's not like it's a secret, but each time it just gets more enfuriating and mentally exhausting. It makes me not want to even turn on my 360.

These blogs are far too commonplace, and unless Microsoft makes some kind of effort to keep me as a customer, I might sell all of my stuff for a PS3.
I'm tired. All I want to do right now is play some games online with some cool people. Thank god I didn't buy that Live card.

Enjoy Friday Night Fights!


-your friendly neighborhood mcgee

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