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Club Nintendo does some stuff (shortblog)

by smurfee mcgee   //   5:40 PM on 03.31.2010

As evidenced by THIS. The commercial is very worth watching. I couldn't find a version for embedding, Sorry. It's for a new, exclusive to club members, Wiiware game featuring the Ultra Hand for some reason. Whether or not it's worth it is up to you. I might get it just because it's *only* 80 coins. (That's a Wii and DS game basically)

Anyway, Club Nintendo has got some new things to offer, including that Wiiware game. The other stuff is definitely more interesting. They've now got a Mario poster series similar to the Legend of Zelda one they already have. I have to say it's a little underwhelming, although the second poster is not bad; it reminds me a little of All-stars. Have some big pictures:

Along with the game and poster series, American members finally get a chance to have the Game & Watch Collection 2 for DS. It has Octopus, Parachute, and a new game: Parachute x Octopus. Whatever, I think it's more for collectors' shelves than for playing.

So. all in all, another round of very meh stuff, along with a cool game that Japanese members already have. I'm not all that impressed with Club Nintendo America so far, but I have the coins, so I might get some of the items anyway. I think my favorite thing from them so far is my 2010 calander. Here's to hoping the next round of stuff is better. Again.
That sounds negative. At least they're trying.

Awesome. Apparently you Netflix disc for Wii IS WORTH 20 COINS ON CLUB NINTENDO. Even if you don't want one, you should order one. That's 20 free coins. DO EEEEET.Photo Photo Photo view gallery
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