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smackifilia avatar 7:39 PM on 02.26.2008  (server time)
IGN's Trigger Heart review is a microcosm for IGN as a whole.

Well, their review is out and they end up giving it a 5.7. What an obscure little number to end up giving this game. Now, I haven't played Trigger Heart, and I don't necessarily want to praise it before I've even played it, but I've watched videos of it in action and damn. Seems to be the shmup genre getting undo punishment once again. To the shmup fan its about par for the course; we're used to enduring reviews like this and hoping the genre can force its goodness into the brains of bricks people like the reviewers at IGN have the unfortunate job of lugging around everyday. Before you say I'm jumping all over IGN specifically for a game I haven't even played yet, I'll just tell you I have an ongoing distaste and a battered wife syndrome going on for that website. They smack me around with horrid reviews and lackluster journalism and I tell them I'm sorry, I should have made their favorite pot roast instead of ordering pizza....don't worry, I'll clean up the mess. Either way, we'll find out tomorrow, I'll either be an idiot and they'll be right, or more likely the case plenty of people will miss out on a good shmup over a bad review.

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