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Two new videos on the Wii Metroid channel to check out.

Video one, Valhalla, shows an inspection of a galactic federation ship after being attacked by space pirates. The narration notes that space pirates have never hit a capital ship of this size before, suggesting improved tactics and mobilization. It all hits the fan when it is determined that the space pirates stole an Aurora computer (which we all know to basically be another version of Mother Brain). At that point the camera is assaulted by Metroids, and the feed is lost.

Video two, Bowling, shows some morph ball boosting goodness. The morph ball is used to power-up and orient a morph ball cannon, which then launches Samus across a chasm. Samus un-morphs, runs through a door, where what appear to be space pirates materialize in front of her. She lets a missile fly which takes care of one pirate, then morphs and boosts into the remaining pirates, obliterating them.

This more or less confirms what we all figured, that at some point you will end up with a Mother Brain-esque fight at some point in the game. Other than that, not a lot here to blow my skirt up. What about you guys?

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