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Well, we got our last two sneak peeks at Metroid Prime 3: Corruption before the game is released. Apparently the phrase, "Save the best for last" is unknown by those in charge of the releases.

The first video is a little snippet on Dark Samus and her connection with the Space Pirates. What's amazing though, is for all the cool graphics and words, you really don't learn anything new. No 'Holy Shit' moment like during the Aurora video or anything. To make it more interesting, I've imagined learning Dark Samus' motivation: she is merely angered at the ongoing state of segregation in the galaxy, and the privileges light Samus receives based on the color of her suit:

The battle video is Samus in a new suit (modified-Varia in rough appearance, probably her corrupted suit?), slaying mofos like it ain't no thang. The battle takes place in a circular room with tall pillars, and actually does a good job of showing how effective the controls can be in fast-paced battle.

Check 'em out, then put your Wii back into hibernation until you get your hands on the game. I'm still completely amped about this game, but I was really hoping for some huge revelation in these last videos, like seeing Kraid brought into 3D as a boss or something like that. Oh well. Now if only I wasn't leaving town for the weekend, I could finish Bioshock before picking up MP3....

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