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THE KING OF KONG + Scott Campbell = Epic Win

So if you turn the cover on the dvd around on the King of Kong you get this GREAT piece from Scott Campbell who also worked on designs for the game Psyconauts and Brutal Legend for Double Fine Studios. He does a great com...



All kidding aside I do love Oasis!:) Here is what XBOXLIVE.COM says...but they took it down Xbox.com let slip abnormally early the upcoming downloadable content for Harmonix's Rock Band, giving us a look at the rest of...


ROCK BAND Now with 100% more rock!

So I just checked my in box and I get this nifty little email from rockband!! We are excited to announce the brand new RockBand.com community site! We've migrated your existing community account and we are ready and w...


It's Xmas Time WITH MCLOVIN!!!!!!!!

Not really but me and my girlfriend and my friends decided to take a funny picture with The Old Jolly guy!!!! Enjoy!!! P.S. My friend Keith Looks Like McLovin!!!!!!!! Happy Holidays!!



Ok look I am not a points whore for the 360 BUT I would like to unlock everything on my main profile on live for Rockband. However I can't figure out how to change out the different instruments linked to your gamer tag! Fo...


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Also if ya wanna add me as a friend and you have a X BOX360 My live name is sHELLYEA or on PS3 my name on there is sHELLYEAH

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Well what can I say!! I have owned an Atari 2600 and an Intelevision and an Nintendo a Sega Master System, a Super NES,a Game Boy, an N64 a Playstation , a PS2, a Game Cube, an XBOX ,a Game boy Advance,a PSP, a Xbox 360, a Wii and now a PS3!! I have played a lot of games on all of these systems but I gotta say that some of my best memories with any of these gaming consoles have been sitting around with a few friends playing a game and talking trash to each other! This is my past time. This is gaming.

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