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Also if ya wanna add me as a friend and you have a X BOX360 My live name is sHELLYEA or on PS3 my name on there is sHELLYEAH

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Well what can I say!! I have owned an Atari 2600 and an Intelevision and an Nintendo a Sega Master System, a Super NES,a Game Boy, an N64 a Playstation , a PS2, a Game Cube, an XBOX ,a Game boy Advance,a PSP, a Xbox 360, a Wii and now a PS3!! I have played a lot of games on all of these systems but I gotta say that some of my best memories with any of these gaming consoles have been sitting around with a few friends playing a game and talking trash to each other! This is my past time. This is gaming.
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Bad ass oh yes yes it is!!! And to any one who asked on my last blog this is not CG and it is
Ray Park in his suit:) Enjoy and Good Friday or as Snake Eyes would say" "

See That's a joke cause he wouldn't say shit!

This movie MIGHT be good just from seeing SnakeEye's:):) Hi Rez makes for a great
wallpaper:) Now ya know And knowing is half the battle!!!


Ok so this is pretty sweet! Straight from Little Big Planet!!!

One of the guys Moms who works on Little Big Planet made this!!! Man how awesome would it be to have one of these when you buy a copy of little big planet!

You can bet I would love to own one.....I wonder if any one here at D toid can make a better version?? Any one? Any one? If you can post some pictures up I would love to see them and or buy one from you!!! Well enjoy the pictures!!!Man this game can't come soon enough!!! Between this and Castle Crashers I have never wanted gaming figures more!The line between Tomopop and Destructoid blurs more everyday with great crossover toys like this!

P.S. If you want to read the original blog here is the web site!
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So if you turn the cover on the dvd around on the King of Kong you get this GREAT piece from
Scott Campbell who also worked on designs for the game Psyconauts and Brutal Legend for
Double Fine Studios. He does a great comic strip over at and he has his
own Blog over at you should check it out if you are a fan of the awesome!! I
myself I have bought some prints of his work and they just keep getting better:)Any way
thought this was really cool and I am a fan of his work!! Also King of Kong is really just great
buit man oh man that Billy is such a gigantic DOUCHE!! I mean good lord!!! Oh well any way
you should check the movie out if you haven't already and deffinatly go check out Scott's blog
site as it has a lot of his art work that is usually featured at Gallery1988 in LA and SF. Oh
almost forgot according to Scott's blog Gallery1988 will be selling prints of this piece sometime
this month (Feb) as well as have a signing!!

All kidding aside I do love Oasis!:)

Here is what XBOXLIVE.COM says...but they took it down let slip abnormally early the upcoming downloadable content for Harmonix's Rock
Band, giving us a look at the rest of January's add-on tracks. First up are a trio of tracks from
Oasis, "Don't Look Back in Anger," "Live Forever," and "Wonderwall." They'll be available the
week of January 22nd to Rock Band owners, bringing familial strife and Manchester pop-rock
to fans. Gotta start working on my Liam!

For the following week, Harmonix brings us the "Progressive Pack", featuring "Siva" by
Smashing Pumpkins, "Working Man" as made famous by Rush, and "Ten Speed (Of God's
Blood and Burial)" as made famous by Coheed and Cambria.

Just in case some one doesn't belive me i.e. "picture or it didn't happen....."

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So I just checked my in box and I get this nifty little email from rockband!!

We are excited to announce the brand new community site! We've migrated
your existing community account and we are ready and waiting for you to log in (with your
new password - see below for more information). What's new, you ask? A stack of new
features. Beginning now, you can:

* Link your account to your Xbox Live gamertag or Playstation Network id
to share your characters, bands, and high scores with your friends.

* Compare your high scores with the Rock Band community on the brand new

* Make friends, write a blog, and post your pictures on your own personal

* Last but not least, the community forums that you've come to know and love return in all
of their glory, with all of your posts intact!

Please be aware that during the re-launch we are importing your account info into the
brand new system. You will be able to log in with your old username, but you have a new

You can login to the new site by clicking the link below. (If you get a site down page, you're
ahead of the curve - try back again in an hour or two.)

Thanks again for being a part of our community, and welcome to the new!

The Harmonix Team

Looks like they are finally coming through with there promise to really ingulf your life in
your pretend *AWESOME* rock band!! I for one am pretty excited about it!!! Any way this
is news worthy!! Check it out start doing your page and then throw links up over here so we
can see your rockband!!! Mine is Free Beer,No Cover.

See ya On Tour Soon!