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slaypax avatar 3:51 PM on 06.01.2010  (server time)
love thy enemy

"The tongues of dying men force attention, like deep harmony. Where words are spent, they are seldom spent in vain. "

...uh yeah thanks Mei Ling.

I promised FROGS, and today, my lovelies, you get FROGS. You guys know what FROGS are right? Haven Troopers. They're members of the elite female death squads under Liquid Ocelot's command, genetically amped and seemingly more machine than woman. They first appear in MGS 4 when Snake meets up with Rat Patrol at advent palace. It's kind of like watching a ballet. They way they tear a swath of carnage through what ever fielld that day's battle is on. Charging ceaselessly into the fray, on clawed feet that look like the hooves of the beast and even more like she'd have little trouble spin kicking your head off your shoulders. Their screams could cleave infinity in two, and as a nice festive touch, their nanomachines have a delightful proclivity towards combusting when their bodies die, leaving no trace to those who killed them. Except for horrific nightmares associated with your new case of post traumatic stress disorder. Oh yeah, they can stick to walls too.

The FROGS are good ass badguys. Up in the ranks with Dry Bones and Protoman from Megaman 3 (when he used to like beating up on his little brother,) as some of my favorite digital adversaries. Beyond the fact that Metal Gear is well designed title in just about every respect, you've gotta give Yoji and company credit for the design work they did on the FROGS specifically. The look of these characters, the way they move and fight, establishes the character completely. They need no more than a sentence of an introduction, because the visuals do all the talking. They represent to me pitch perfect examples of good design adding a level of immersion that no amount of over wrought dramatic dialog can begin to approach. They were seamlessly brought from the sketchbook's page to your TV screen. Whiz bang graphics on these here modern game tapes are being put to exceptional use, not as a crutch, but to bring a more realized version of the character designer's baddie to life, in turn, further drawing the player into the game world. To chase the player screaming through the halls of the museum Kojima productions built with Metal Gear Solid 4.

All the water colors in the post were my long weekend entertainment.

Cheers, Destructoid!

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