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slaypax avatar 12:04 PM on 06.15.2010  (server time)
3ds! Zelda! NINTENDO!! I'm not a fanboy, I swear.

I know it's been a while since I've posted, and I had all kinds of other ideas spinning around in my sick head, because of all this E3 nonsense, then, there was the Nintendo press conference. OK, the Just Dance 2 trailer was a little sickening, and I have a hard time choking down the bile while i listen to Regie speak, but they seriously impressed me this year.
First off, the 3ds is looking slick. No radical design changes to shock or frighten the unfamiliar or the investors, but enough new ground covered in the design area to keep Nintendo relevant in the new age of iphone gaming and handheld multimedia. Seriously though, who's gonna want to watch a full length feature film in 3d on a 3.5 inch screen? What ever, at least I'll be playing Pokemon on the thing in a few years time, and that's all that matters folks.

Of course theres the obligatory nerdgasm over the new look of the Skyward Sword, and just how successful the visual fusion of Twilight Princess and Windwaker has turned out to be. Anyone else think the new Zelda looks a little like Link to the Past, as far as color pallets go and how it's juxtaposition of the cute and the serious? Anyone? No, but really, the jury is still out on this one though, becuase Miyamoto sucks at using Wiimotion plus. Check out that tom foolery! looks more like the fault of the player, than the game, at least.

And then, there's the slew of other updates and new reveals, Metroid, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Golden Sun. Seriously, way to stop looking like all you care about is my grandma, I'm severely impressed. Epic Mickey looks like a game that's being given the budget and consideration for development time that a tittle attempting a feat of that caliber deserves, and hopefully wont disappoint. I might actually play my Wii once all this stuff hits the market. I've got a soft spot in my heart for Golden Sun, and I know alot of you do too, and I'm glad it didn't get forgotten. Color me impressed, Nintendo.

But seriously, what I find myself most excited about, is the 3ds, and that damn Kid Icarus title. The flight sequences with the cursor on screen made me think of a point and click shooting gallery on LSD, how these sequences actually play, I don't fucking know, but the point of interest here is the fact that this sort of game is suited to that situation, and doesn't feel cheap, like it does on a huge fucking TV and taking up a huge chunk of the Wii library's Real Estate. AND the 3ds has an analog stick, so this game, being a hallmark on the new device, will take advantage of that too. Mixing up a decent 3d action game with intuitively controlled flight sequences in real 3d, with out glasses, in my hands? Sign me up.

Who knows what else they've got coming, my stream of the press conference dropped out while I was writing this, but as far as first impressions go, I hope they've finally given up on being the center of attention in the retirement home rec room, because that shit's getting older than jokes about the Wii being for old people; I'm impressed.

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