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8:37 PM on 08.12.2008

While listening to the latest RetroforceGo episode, one of the listener questions really bugged me. It was the question about how to pronounce "chocobo".

Of course we all know it's pronounced CHOC-obo but the mispronounced way of cho-CO-bo really just stuck in my head for some reason. I couldn't really figure out why it sounded so weird until I remembered Jacoby & Meyers! You know...those lawyers on TV? (or at least in NY they are).

So, Ja-CO-by...cho-CO-bo...pretty similar sounding, no? Well that got me thinking...they already have Chocobo's Dungeon so why can't our yellow feathered friend branch out and star in other types of games? There's already one ace attorney named after a mythical bird...why not stir up the competition a little?


aw yeah...that would be sweet.


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