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Well I'm the host of "ComicTube", a Podcast dealing in reviews and news of comicbook, video games, and fantasy movies and TV series'. If you'd like to give us a listen ill a link below, we need some Itunes reviews and could always use some more forum activity. I'm really into the AMV craze, it's a really good way to get my visions across since I'm a Film Student anyway, right now I have ALMOST 200 videos on YouTube. I would gladly make one for anyone here on Destructoid if you all have a suggestions. I'm really into comics and anime, my favorite comic by FAR is the X-Men. There is just SO much diversity in all the titles of it's long run. Currently not watching too much anime, just Bleach, I can't stand to read the dubs cause I get sleepy so I am really waiting on Gurren Laggen to come to America.
To para-phrase "The Boondock Saint's"
"EAT SLEEP WORK GAME These are principals which every man of every faith can embrace."



Favorite Superhero:Gambit
Favorite Band's: A Perfect Circle, Alice In Chain's, Tool, Too many other's
Favorite Video Game: Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night
Favorite Anime: Death Note or yes Naruto
Favorite Movie: The Crow
Favorite Final Fantasy Character: Zack Fair or Squall Lionhart
Favorite Food: A nice bloody Steak, or a hella good slice of Pepperoni Pizza
Favorite Guilty Pleasure Game: Guitar Hero/Rock Band
Favorite Fighting Game: Street Fighter II
Favorite FPS: Black
Favorite RTS: NONE, worst game style in my opinion
Favorite RPG: I have a soft spot for Crisis Core
Favorite Horror Game: Either the first Resident Evil or Bioshock
Favorite Candy: Dove Choclate, 3 Muskateer's, Milkeyway
Favorite T.V. Show: Heroes and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicales
Favorite Drink: DO THE DEW!!!! or Milk, Milk's good too

Currently Playing:
'Splosion Man

Recomended Movie Viewing:
The Boondock Saint's
Lucky # Slevin
Smokin Ace's
Resident Evil: Extinction
Resident Evil: Degeneration
The Incredible Hulk (2008)
The Dark Knight
Queen Of The Damned
The Crow Series
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In episode 3 Brad is joined by Leroy from Comic Tube, Darrell from The Hideout, and Jeff to discuss our favorite video games of 2009

1:55 - News- Brittany Murphey's Death, Hawkman Movie

12:35 - Our list rundowns

34:00 - Discussions on Left 4 Dead 2, Afro Samurai, Wolverine, and Batman: Arkham Asylum

Music used in this episode:
The Stone by Ashes Divide
Wait by Earshot
Seven by Sunny Day Real Estate
Fly Me Corageous by Drivin N' Cryin

DJ Tripp Trapp
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Brad and Darrel from Dafixer's Hideout discuss the movie, video game, and comic of Wanted by Mark Millar

0:00 Intro
8:26 - Wanted, the comic
32:00 - Wanted, the movie
1:07:00 - Wanted, the game
1:34:00 Mark Millar suggestions


Brad flirts and then interviews Ciji Thornton, aka StarSlay3r, from WCG Ultimate Gamer while Leroy just sits back and takes
notes. All Jokes aside Brad and Leroy do interview Ciji and have a general video game discussion so If you are a gamer you will
enjoy this.


Heroes Corner

Ciji's Website -

Ciji's Xbox360 Gamer Tag - Starslay3r

Ariel's Deviant Art - Deathofeden


Our Voicemail number is 347-404-5302. Our email is We are proud members of The Comics Podcast
Network,The League of Comic Book Podcasts, and Heroes Corner. Dont forget to check us out at MySpace, Facebook,
ComicSpace and The Comic Forums!

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So, yesterday I was stumbling around the ole' interwebs looking for some live codes so I could play 1 VS 100 I
found this little video. You all may or may not know that you can unlock some crazy hair colors, but I find it pretty
cool. My avatar now has blue hair like I do on occasion :D

HEY Dtoider's I know I haven't een around here much lately but I thought you all might like to know that me and my co-host Leroy are hosting a contest for our podcasts upcomeing shirts. We already have our basic logo {in white and black} BUT we are also looking for two more designs. Not only will your design be featured on our shirt but the two winners will also recieve a 3d Resistance: Fall of Man poster AND one trade paperback of my chooseing. So head on over to HERE and submit your designs.

Also, watch out for the episode AFTER Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. It will be a special interview with Ciji Thornton from Sci-Fi channel's WCG Ultimate Gamer. We are also working on our 5oth episode which will be a call in show ALL about video game movies. Discussing, defending, and derailing some of the most atrocious and mistreated films based on video games

Well, since my last post wasn't "entertaining" enough for poor Scotty, this time I will add PICTARS

Just sending out a reminder that the podcast I co-host, Comic Tube, is haveing a call in show tonight. We will be discussing Terminator: Salvation, and would love to hear what you have to say about it or any of the other movies in the franchise. Our number is 347-404-5302, if you do NOT get through KEEP trying. The show starts at 7/8c and will last for an hour and a half. If you still don't get through, leave us a voice mail and we will definatlly get it on air in the next episode.

Check us out at Myspace:

Listen to our archive:

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