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2:15 PM on 12.31.2009

Spoiler Box EP: 3; Top 10 Video Games of 2009

In episode 3 Brad is joined by Leroy from Comic Tube, Darrell from The Hideout, and Jeff to discuss our favorite video games of 2009

1:55 - News- Brittany Murphey's Death, Hawkman Movie

12:35 - Our list rundowns

34:00 - Discussions on Left 4 Dead 2, Afro Samurai, Wolverine, and Batman: Arkham Asylum

Music used in this episode:
The Stone by Ashes Divide
Wait by Earshot
Seven by Sunny Day Real Estate
Fly Me Corageous by Drivin N' Cryin

DJ Tripp Trapp
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5:24 PM on 12.06.2009

The Spoiler Box EP: 1; Wanted!

Brad and Darrel from Dafixer's Hideout discuss the movie, video game, and comic of Wanted by Mark Millar

0:00 Intro
8:26 - Wanted, the comic
32:00 - Wanted, the movie
1:07:00 - Wanted, the game
1:34:00 Mark Millar suggestions


1:04 PM on 08.27.2009

Epsiode 43: A Conversation with Ciji Thornton

Brad flirts and then interviews Ciji Thornton, aka StarSlay3r, from WCG Ultimate Gamer while Leroy just sits back and takes
notes. All Jokes aside Brad and Leroy do interview Ciji and have a general video game discussion so If you are a gamer you will
enjoy this.


Heroes Corner

Ciji's Website -

Ciji's Xbox360 Gamer Tag - Starslay3r

Ariel's Deviant Art - Deathofeden


Our Voicemail number is 347-404-5302. Our email is [email protected] We are proud members of The Comics Podcast
Network,The League of Comic Book Podcasts, and Heroes Corner. Dont forget to check us out at MySpace, Facebook,
ComicSpace and The Comic Forums!


3:50 PM on 07.26.2009

Secret Avatar Hair Colors...

So, yesterday I was stumbling around the ole' interwebs looking for some live codes so I could play 1 VS 100 I
found this little video. You all may or may not know that you can unlock some crazy hair colors, but I find it pretty
cool. My avatar now has blue hair like I do on occasion :D

[embed]141485:20970[/embed]   read

9:49 PM on 06.28.2009

ComicTube T-Shirt Design Contest! + a few show notes

HEY Dtoider's I know I haven't een around here much lately but I thought you all might like to know that me and my co-host Leroy are hosting a contest for our podcasts upcomeing shirts. We already have our basic logo {in white and black} BUT we are also looking for two more designs. Not only will your design be featured on our shirt but the two winners will also recieve a 3d Resistance: Fall of Man poster AND one trade paperback of my chooseing. So head on over to HERE and submit your designs.

Also, watch out for the episode AFTER Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. It will be a special interview with Ciji Thornton from Sci-Fi channel's WCG Ultimate Gamer. We are also working on our 5oth episode which will be a call in show ALL about video game movies. Discussing, defending, and derailing some of the most atrocious and mistreated films based on video games   read

3:33 PM on 05.26.2009

-REMINDER- Comic Tube: Terminator: Salvation Call-In Show

Well, since my last post wasn't "entertaining" enough for poor Scotty, this time I will add PICTARS

Just sending out a reminder that the podcast I co-host, Comic Tube, is haveing a call in show tonight. We will be discussing Terminator: Salvation, and would love to hear what you have to say about it or any of the other movies in the franchise. Our number is 347-404-5302, if you do NOT get through KEEP trying. The show starts at 7/8c and will last for an hour and a half. If you still don't get through, leave us a voice mail and we will definatlly get it on air in the next episode.

Check us out at Myspace:

Listen to our archive:


1:55 PM on 05.05.2009



An oddly shaped space boulder appears to show eye sockets and a nose leading to speculation it might be a Martian skull.

At first glance it looks like a rocky desert - but this image of the Mars landscape has got space-gazers talking.
One alien-spotter speculated: "The skull is 15 cm with binocular eyes 5 cm apart. The cranial capacity is approximately 1400 cc.

"There appears to be a narrow pointed small mouth, so this creature most likely is a carnivore."

Another joked: "The coronal ridge shows ample structure to support the musculature of antennae, although none are visible in this view.

"The nose area is broad and blunted as you would expect to see in a cold and windy landscape. Is he decapitated or is he buried up to his neck?"

Previous images of a skull spotted on Mars in 2006 were believed to have been the result of tampering.

The famous Face on Mars, snapped by the Viking 1 spacecraft in 1976, which showed the shadowy likeness of a human face was late, was found to be a trick of the light when the area was re-photographed in 1998.   read

4:25 PM on 04.30.2009

Comic Tube Episode 31: The Terminator

Leroy and Brad Have a spoiler filled discussion on Terminator 1 From Concept, to creation and break down Model Descriptions for HKs, T-600s and T-800's.



4:42 PM on 04.25.2009

Kill Babies In "Dante's Inferno"

Will EA be the new Rockstar Games when they release "Dante's Inferno"? In the game, based on the epic poem of the same name, one of the enemies will appearently be evil {"unbaptized"} babies. According to writer, producer, director, and baby-killer Jonathan Knight, the babies "seem harmless at first, but once they start ganging up on you, they're harder to kill." The game takes place in hell. Obviously, good babies don't end up in hell. Oh did I mention you get to scythe them all up with a, you guessed it, SCYTHE!

3:08 PM on 04.25.2009

Braid Buyer's Get Jipped/Refunded

During the "Week's of Arcadia" promotion that Microsoft has been running they released Braid for 800 MS points, as opposed to it's normal priceing of 1200. YET, anyone who bought it the week of Feb. 23rd were STILL charged 1200 MS points. Microsoft is now refunding you 500 points {instead of the 400 extra you paid} and issueing emailed apologies seen below.

"Dear Xbox LIVE Gold Member:
We launched Deal of the Week program on Feb 23rd, 2009 as an added benefit to your Gold membership and we are very excited to see the overwhelming response we have received from our loyal users such as you.

As a result of the increased transactions we know that you experienced an intermittent Xbox LIVE issue, which resulted in you being charged full price of 1200 points for the ‘Braid' deal instead of the discounted price of 800 points. We sincerely wish to apologize for the
technical glitch and would like to take this moment to thank you for your patience and understanding as our team worked around the clock to fix this problem.

We will not only be crediting back the 400 points that were overcharged, but also be crediting an extra 100 points as a token of our appreciation and as a thank you for your loyalty during this period. You will see a credit of 500 points in your account in the coming weeks."

SOURCE   read

8:41 PM on 04.24.2009

ComicTube: Countdown To Salvation Promo

Hey guy's here is the video promo I just made for my podcast's special event "Countdown To Salvation", where we review everything Terminator related up till the release of Salvation

[embed]129874:18909[/embed]   read

7:46 PM on 04.22.2009

ComicTube Updates + Interview Announcement, Force Unleashed, Arkham, and More

The following is the summer release date's for The ComicTube Podcast:

April 28th Episode 31 - Terminator 1 and 2
May 1st - 4th Episode 32 - Heroes Volume 4 - Co-Hosts Lorrie and Umar
May 5th Episode 33 - X-Men Origins : Wolverine - Co-Host Vikkii
May 12th Episode 34 - Terminator 3 and Sarah Connor Chronicles - Co-Host Robert and Raph
May 19th Episode 35 - Smallville Season Finale - Co -Host Ken from totgu
May 20th Episode 36- Supernatural Season Finale - Co-Host Chris Johnson
May 26th Episode 37 - Terminator Salvation
June 2nd Episode 38 - Star Trek - Co-Host John and Lorrie
June 9th Episode 39- Transformers Cartoon Retorspective - FEATURING SPECIAL CO-HOST SHAWN PRYOR OF PKD MEDIA
June 16th Episode 40 - Cartoons We Grew Up With - Co-Host Alec B. and Art from TOTGU
June 23rd Episode 41 - Transformers Movie - Co-Hosts John and Joe (hopefully)
June 30th Episode 42- Transformers 2 - Co-Host John
July 7th Episode 43 - Star Wars The Force Unleashed - Co-Host Ken from TOTGU
July 14th Episode 44 - Invader Zim Retrospective - CoHost Marie
July 21st Episode 45 - X-Men Animated Series Days of The Future Past - co-host Chris
July 28th Episode 46 - Character Spotlight - Two-Face
July 29th Special : LIVE Ziggo's 23rd BDay
August 11th Episode 47 - Green Lantern First Flight- Co-Host Ken from Totgu (yea I'm forcing you to come on)
August 18th Episode 48 - 360 Spotlight - Co-Host Art from TOTGU

ComicTube has also gotten the chance to interview Ciji, also known as StarSlay3r, from the Sci-Fi channel's WCG Ultimate Gamer compitition. We are in the schedualing stages and will hpoefully have it done soon.

ALSO ComicTube is haveing it's very first' special event;: "Countdown To Salvation". Join us as we take a look back on the franchise defining movies that made killer robots cool.

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