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6:03 PM on 03.26.2008

My Xbox 360 Story pt 2

A few weeks ago I posted the story about my Xbox 360, which actually didn't suffered from a
RROD instead it had a problem were no image was displayed, only sound. I managed to get
the Xbox Repair Service to pick up my Xbox and get a new one, for FREE!!! Even though they
wanted me to pay about $100 for the repair. I just forcefully RROD my Xbox by wrapping it up
with towels. Well, it actually did fix my Xbox, but only for 2 days, then it finally got the
infamous three red lights. Well, after about 2 weeks my Xbox (or somebody else) finally
arrived, but now I can't connect to Xbox Live because my Wireless Adapter got f****d and I
have been playing too much SSBB to even care about it.   read

2:13 PM on 03.08.2008

not my turning point gaming rig

This is my crappy compaq, it freezes when you try to play a single game, even with the sims,
so I need the amazing Turning Point Computer, please!!


5:04 PM on 02.15.2008

A True 360 Story..

Well about two days ago I was playing with some friends over Xbox Live Halo 3 when suddenly my screen got completely green and I could only hear how my friends were shooting at me.
I turned it off and the same thing happened, except the screen was completely blue. I get my phone and call Microsoft to report the issue, they tell me I have to pay $1080 Mexican pesos (Yes I live on Mexico, but I've got passport and all that shit, in fact I study at the U.S. on a private school). I'm like WTF!, why do I have to pay, then this guy tells me that the 3 year warranty only covers RRODs, I don't want to pay for a repair so the most reasonable thing to do was to RROd my Xbox. I get some towels ready and a blanket, I turn it on and it starts overheating but it turns off. I try this like for about 5 hours and having no success I decide to leave it for another day. I came back home and decided to continue killing my 360, I connect it to my TV and it worked, guess trying killing it actually fixed it.

Has anyone else experienced something similar, if so don't bother to leave a comment..   read

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