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skeletor's blog

1:16 AM on 08.09.2007

Two bugs just had sex on my monitor.

I tried to get a picture but it was too late and they were done as soon as they started..... I can barely stand to look at my monitor.   read

5:13 PM on 08.08.2007

Did anyone else like the chronicles of riddick: Escape from butcher bay more than the darkness?

I did, i dont know exactly why, maybe its because I liked the universe better, and the gameplay as well, plus you get to sneak around more, but for some reason I just think its better. Anyone else think the same?   read

11:41 PM on 08.03.2007

I havent been on the internet once the past five days.

yeah.... I know, but I need you guys to tell me all the good news and stuff about gaming. Pretty much thats it.   read

9:02 PM on 07.28.2007

So my Jet Set Radio Future disc is messing up....

It sucks, it was my plan b to SSBM, and it broke.... So I was playing it, and im about to fight the boss of poison jam. Its in the setup cutscene....Then a power surge turns everything off and comes back on..... My 360 shine...   read

10:53 PM on 07.27.2007

All hope is lost.

I was watching the Super Smash Bros site awhile ago, getting giddy with excitement for the game. I basically. I said you know what, I'm playing super smash bros melee. Well I went to my game stack, I searched......It wasn't t...   read

3:11 AM on 07.24.2007

Holy crap! A Max Payne Street Fighter Mod!!

I was browsing youtube looking for some streetfighter mods hoping one was featuring a naked chun-li. When I searched I found this though. Not what I had hoped for, but way cool nonetheless. Pretty cool, I just wish I had Max Payne 2 now.   read

4:23 PM on 07.23.2007

Game Design.....still way too complex for me. Please Help.

If anybody saw the post e3 podcast A Linde had a story about how he had trouble with XNA, I have a similar one. When I heard microsoft would release XNA I was psyched to finally create my own game. I downloaded it as soon as ...   read

11:48 PM on 07.22.2007

Im going to have a big problem this holiday season.

When I saw e3 this year, I admit I expected a lot more. I wanted to hear about games that I had never heard of before. Unfortunately there wasn't a whole lot of games that I could look forward to that are not coming out this ...   read

12:34 AM on 07.22.2007

Some of my WTF moments in gaming!

Ok, Ive been playing games since I was like 3, granted that means Ive only had 12 years of gaming, but thats plenty of time to experience those moments where I simply must put down the controller and pause to say.....What...T...   read

12:01 AM on 07.21.2007

10 reasons Mass Effect will blow your mind.

If you have been following all of my comments and posts on the forums, (wich would be kinda creepy) you know that my number 1 most anticipated game pick of this year is Mass Effect, and I know that Im following the typical fa...   read

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