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1:16 AM on 08.09.2007

Two bugs just had sex on my monitor.

I tried to get a picture but it was too late and they were done as soon as they started..... I can barely stand to look at my monitor.   read

5:13 PM on 08.08.2007

Did anyone else like the chronicles of riddick: Escape from butcher bay more than the darkness?

I did, i dont know exactly why, maybe its because I liked the universe better, and the gameplay as well, plus you get to sneak around more, but for some reason I just think its better.
Anyone else think the same?   read

11:41 PM on 08.03.2007

I havent been on the internet once the past five days.

yeah.... I know, but I need you guys to tell me all the good news and stuff about gaming. Pretty much thats it.   read

9:02 PM on 07.28.2007

So my Jet Set Radio Future disc is messing up....

It sucks, it was my plan b to SSBM, and it broke....

So I was playing it, and im about to fight the boss of poison jam. Its in the setup cutscene....Then a power surge turns everything off and comes back on..... My 360 shined the red lights of death, at that moment I was more worried about my 360, but it was fine. When Start up the game again the game freezes in the loading screen right before Im about to face the boss.....Damn.... I loved that game. I cleaned it with windex and it still doesent work.

I miss you dearly......   read

10:53 PM on 07.27.2007

All hope is lost.

I was watching the Super Smash Bros site awhile ago, getting giddy with excitement for the game. I basically. I said you know what, I'm playing super smash bros melee. Well I went to my game stack, I searched......It wasn't there. Figured it must be misplaced with my cd stack, I looked...It wasn't there. I was wondering where it could be. I searched up and down, everywhich way..... IT WASN'T THERE.

This is what I'm missing

Finally I gave up, and figured I'd just play Jet Set Radio Future.

but I still Crave SSBM   read

3:11 AM on 07.24.2007

Holy crap! A Max Payne Street Fighter Mod!!

I was browsing youtube looking for some streetfighter mods hoping one was featuring a naked chun-li. When I searched I found this though. Not what I had hoped for, but way cool nonetheless.


Pretty cool, I just wish I had Max Payne 2 now.   read

4:23 PM on 07.23.2007

Game Design.....still way too complex for me. Please Help.

If anybody saw the post e3 podcast A Linde had a story about how he had trouble with XNA, I have a similar one. When I heard microsoft would release XNA I was psyched to finally create my own game. I downloaded it as soon as I could. I was ready to start designing but the game told me to go get c## programming or whatever the hell it is. I finally got into the program and I still found myself saying "What the hell is going on?".

Take this video for instance. This guy seems to just be making a tank vehicle moving, and look at all that code, what the hell does it mean? I mean I just can't seem to get this stuff, I look online but I don't know where too start. I find tutorials and I type the code they give me and I still have no idea what it does.

So if you guys could help me find a place to start I'd really appreciate it, because game design is still one of my dreams, next to dragon slaying and circus performing.   read

11:48 PM on 07.22.2007

Im going to have a big problem this holiday season.

When I saw e3 this year, I admit I expected a lot more. I wanted to hear about games that I had never heard of before. Unfortunately there wasn't a whole lot of games that I could look forward to that are not coming out this holiday season, but this e3 did make me giddy for this holiday season with all the release dates and such.

This accurately portrays my giddyness. You can see his giddyness at the moment, but you know soon that ball he's playing with (which is cut off by the edge) is going to deflate soon, and what will he do then? will he simply just get another ball, no, that would be boring. He's already experienced the wonder of the ball. He will simply wait with boredom until he finds another toy to play with, and that will be a long wait for another toy.

I was psyched that finally Mass Effect had a release date, sometime around November. I was also giddy for numerous other games, Assassins Creed got me pretty excited, another good game. Super Mario Galaxies was coming this December, and Super Smash Bros Brawl has gotten me pretty hyped, after all its a Super Smash Bros game. There are plenty more games that I could list but I don't want this to drag on...

I had numerous fantasies about how awesome these games were gonna be once they're released. I often had dreams where I am simply just playing the game, and I'm happy, however one fateful night I was having my routine dream about Mass Effect, it was great. I loved the game up and down, however my taste turned stale and I switched to another game, and another, and another! I suddenly woke up and thought to myself, "how am I going to pay for all these games?"

My wallet status.

I can only afford about two of these games by the holiday season. I needed to prioritize, well my first two picks were Mass Effect, and Super Smash Bros Brawl. I had chosen the games because of their longevity, I had simply decided to rent the other games, I have no choice. I rent games all the time, my gamefly account permits so, but then I thought to myself "Rent these games? I can't possibly rent these games? I need to feel the sweet case in my hand, gently stroking it into the night". Now I had a big problem. I need to find enough money to buy these games when they come out. There are numerous options I could go by, however all have a price. I could get a part time job, that would be a quick solution, but the hours would carry into the night and since its the school year my grades could suffer, and I could lose my gaming privileges all together. Or I could just settle for the two games and slowly save up and buy them one by by one.

I'm still in a dilemma about this, there is no definitive right choice. Perhaps renting would be the best route...maybe. I could use your help with this one guys, I need suggestions and quick, only about three more months before the rush begins.   read

12:34 AM on 07.22.2007

Some of my WTF moments in gaming!

Ok, Ive been playing games since I was like 3, granted that means Ive only had 12 years of gaming, but thats plenty of time to experience those moments where I simply must put down the controller and pause to say.....What...The....F**k, and now I share them with you.

Moment number one: Mario riding Yoshi

When I was a young lad and only about 3 feet tall I remember playing my SNES hardcore until the depths of the night around 8 PM. Well on Super Mario World, after a couple levels I found myself riding a green dinosaur. Now I know this doesn't sound too weird to you all, but when your five you take time to give things a second guess. I put my controller down to assess the situation: I'm an Italian plumber in a place called "The Mushroom Kingdom", saving a princess from a turtle dinosaur thing named bowser, and I'm riding another green dinosaur who swallows things and shoots them back at the foe. Well I thought to myself "What the hell is going on here?", but its a game...anything goes.

Theres Mario, with a cape, riding a dinosaur with an extremely long tongue.

Moment number two: Mischief Makers

Soon I had graduated from my SNES days and had gotten an N64. My first game was Mischief Makers. The whole premise of the game is that your a cyborg named Melinda, who must save your master professor Theo, who has been kidnapped. The story isn't that crazy, but once you get into the game, your constantly saying to yourself, "What the hell is going on?"
Take for instance this video I uploaded, Marina (the big headed, green haired heroine) is riding a cat, jumping on missiles, catching missiles saying "shake shake!" and throwing them back. When you beat the boss, you finally rescue the professor, what do you do? The most obvious thing would be to take a plane ride back home, but Marina takes the liberty to throw her master miles and miles away. This gave me a good idea of an acid trip and showed me how weird the Japanese are.


Moment number three: Mystical ninja starring Goemon

I had very vague memories of this game when I was a child, and I didn't know the name of the game. So what I decided to do was search google images for "weird N64 game". Bingo, on the second page there was the cover of the game, the name..."Mystical ninja starring Goemon".
Well, all I really remember about this game is worm crawling on the floor. I probably don't remember it well because I had no idea what was going on when I was playing it, according to wikipedia, you're Goemon, a mystical ninja who "struggles to prevent the Peach Mountain Shoguns gang from turning Japan into a fine arts theatre"(Wikipedia). That still doesn't explain much. Here I've uploaded a video which really lets the WTF speak for itself.


Thats all the WTF-ness I have for now. I know theres only three moments but theres more in the future if this is received well, or I get more free time in the future, which is really probable.   read

12:01 AM on 07.21.2007

10 reasons Mass Effect will blow your mind.

If you have been following all of my comments and posts on the forums, (wich would be kinda creepy) you know that my number 1 most anticipated game pick of this year is Mass Effect, and I know that Im following the typical fanboy rant, but please just take the time to discover the awesomeness of mass effect. So here I bring you ten reasons Mass Effect will blow your mind.

Reason number 10: Its made by Bioware.

If anyone knows how to make quality games its Bioware, they are known for making great games. Knights of the old republic was probably the only rpg that I've played all the way through and it was great the whole time, anyone whose played a Bioware game knows what I'm talking about.

Reason number 9: Asaris are hot!

You all know what im talking about. Im usually not this perverted, but when I was trolling the forums awhile back I saw the tag name "Asaris are hot", I could only nod in agreement. So when you say to yourself "pfft, whats wrong with this guy." look at the image, and like I did, and nod in agreement

Yeah...shes pretty hot.

Reason number 8: The universe is stunning

Now the game takes place in our very own universe, everything piece of scenery and detail around you makes you feel like you're on a planet, an abandoned space ship or a mining facility. Whenever you stop at a new location, you will take a minute to look around and cry. Yeah, its that beautiful.

Yeah...thats pretty hot.

Reason number 7:Roam around and visit uncharted planets

Tired of unravelling the main story? Go take a load off at an uncharted planet and see whats happening there. Try out new armor or weapons, take a scenic drive in your vehicle, or find secrets in the planet.

Reason number 6:Vehicles, do I have to say it again! Vehicles!

When you arrive on a planet you can rove around in your very own customized...buggy thing!! Plus the developers say that you will find more throughout the game!

I dont know the name of this thing yet, but its customizable!

Reason number 5:Customization

You can basically customize everything in Mass Effect. Everything from armor and weapons, your abilities and skills, and even the characters in your party and your very own buggy thing! You can customize your character down to your past, where you were born and what parts of the military you've served in. Pretty sweet.

Reason number 4:A nice dialogue system

This time around you will make choices that effect your characters standing with a person, and now you must make the first decision that comes to mind, and you will get facial reactions that get detailed down to each little difference that makes an expression. If you interrupt them mid speech they will obviously give you a pretty angry response.

bitch what did I tell you! I gave you an order, go do it. Like a total pimp

Reason number 3: An improved morality system.

When it comes to the whole good and evil morality choice systems in games Bioware at the top of the class, however this time its not so clear cut good and evil. You'll make decisions that will effect the entire galaxy (hence the name Mass Effect). You'll face deep moral conflicts that will vanish the clear cut good and evil, this time around. Theres lots of space in between.

Reason number 2: A great story

Mass Effect is one of those games where the universe is so grand and the story is so epic that it has room for a book. Bioware did not dissapoint with KOTOR and they definentely wont this time. They are great storytellers and are good at keeping your attention. Theres even a book out.

when I get this I will read for the first time...In a long time.

Reason number 1: Real time combat!

Bioware has always had the dice rolling thing down, KOTOR was the first step to take that away, but you always knew the dice were rolling in the background. Jade empire was another step with a martial arts combat system, a nice try but not an awesome system. In mass effect its all real time shooting, and now theres many ways to approach a situation, your tech skills can allow you to turn a machine against its owner or u can just blow it up. You can even stop the action and tell your squad certain commands. oh yea. I feel giddy inside.

Mass Effect is my most anticipated title for this year. I cant explain how excited i am for this game, oh wait... I Can! Crazy excited. Thats how excited I am for this game.   read

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