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skeletor avatar 6:55 PM on 11.21.2007  (server time)
Dude, I just got the best deal ever

So I go to play n trade and trade in six games because I dont use them any more, I have 3 next gen titles and about 4 other bad last gen titles, I bought the last gen ones all used. Anyways I turned in GoW, Need for speed carbon, CoD 2, House of the dead 3, phantom dust, Crimson Skies, and ninja gaiden.
I was able to buy Super mario galaxy with it. At gamestop they wouldve given me 27 dollars, but this is crazy!!! I fapped out. Im just saying this because u all need to know how crazy this is, and dont scream at me for spamming, Check my comments and such Im not a bot.

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