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5:17 AM on 11.23.2007

I remember playing this game quite a long ago, but I don't know on which system... NES, C64? Well, it's here, and the music is first class, so it worth the try.

As the title says, I finished XIII, 4-5 hours ago...

3-4 years ago, I played the demo, but didn't bought the full version, I just don't know why. I loved the gameplay, and the visual style. And nowadays, when my comp isn't very high end, I tend to search for older titles, and I just remembered XIII...

First of all, it's a great game, if you didn't tried it, there's a demo around somewhere. The gameplay, is the standard, shoot, run and duck style, nothing special here. The speciality begins, when we talk about art style, and design. It's not just beautiful (I love cell shading, especially in an FPS), but you feel like you're in a real comic. There are comic style cutscenes, and some of them are drawn by hand (if I know well, XIII originates from a french comic). And even in the heat of the action there are some small comic style effects, like when you do a headshot, three small windows appear, each of them showing different stages of the hit.

And the main attraction for me, the Story. I don't know, I just loved it... It's the standard, you don't know who you are, and why is everybody wants to kill you. It's common along games, or even movies, but the presentation is quite unique. I known from the beginning (more precisely, I felt) who is the big boss, or the biggest bad guy, and thank god I was right :) . At least my instincts worked flawlessly :) .

note : I was too lazy to make screenshots, and the xfire ingame screenshot didn't worked...

Probably the original comic... I have to get it :D

Some cool montage

It took me around 8 hours to finish the game...

And the other thing. I ordered, my new instrument (my first one) of mass destruction. Well it works even better than an A-Bomb, at least now. I still have to practice, practice and practice. But today I managed to get a clear note.

It's Her... Isn't she beautiful? :)

According to Inquirer in the last week x360 managed this little miracle... I thought nobody wants an x360 in japan...

"INCREDIBLY, THE Xbox 360 outsold the Playstation 3 in Japan last week.

The Xbox 360 sold 17,673 fueled by Namco Bandai's Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation, which debuted at the number two spot behind Super Mario Galaxy on the Nintendo Wii.

The PS3 sold only 17,434 units a slight 200 unit separation, but a significant increase over previous sales."

So the first one is : BoxedThoughts. This site, is a little special to me, I've began writing my first "blog" here, back in Q2 2005. It's a quite long time, and it gives some good and bad memories when I reread all of them...

The main concept of the page is easy. You can post your thoughts in small brackects, but you're limited aroung 200 characters. It's not that much, but it's enough to write down you current thoughts. You have a one and half hour limit, for posting blogs. Teh most important features : You don't have a username, or anything that resembles to you, just a number. You can't post anything, what can be used to identify you (name, street adress, email and so on). And that's all... There's a raw stream, that can be read on the site, or using an RSS reader.

Why is it good? It captures your feelings, your thoughts, and you can reread them any time. It's not for the community, you're making it only for your sake, and that's what I love about this site. You don't care about your rating, the comments and so on, just about you.

I don't know how popular is this site, or how many users do it has, and I just don't care.

Recently they started an another version of it, where you have user names, and you can post your data, your name and so on... But I like the original concept much more.

4:27 AM on 11.08.2007

Here is it, an interesting flash game... I gave up, when I reached the rock-paper-scissor part...

12:01 PM on 11.07.2007

Here is it...

Some people have too many time... Seriously. But it looks cool, I admit.