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11:31 AM on 07.03.2009

Bahamut vs Alexander

I know I don't post here often, but....

I'm finally done!!!!
It was sooooo slow yesterday at work.
I only got ONE call all day. And it was like; 10 minutes long. lol!
So I spent all day stitching.

Here's a pic shortly after washing and some ironing.

What the back looks like, if anyone's curious:


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7:21 AM on 09.19.2008

Video Game Cross-Stitch Pt 2.

I've been working on a large, detailed cross stitch of a semi-well known Ps1 game cutscene. Thus, I haven't had much time for smaller stitchings in order to post somewhat regularly.

But, in preparation for a detailed "this is my house/gaming setup" post, I've been working on covering my fridge in game-related magnets.
It's the only room in the house not already completely plastered with gaming images and/or logos, so it needed a bit of filling.

The thing is... I'm out of ideas.
(See my previous blog for most of the stuff I've stitched in the past)

Nintendo is overdone, but old-school Nintendo games are so wonderfully easy to stitch due to their already small size and wonderfully uncomplicated nature. The sheer simplicity makes it a quick project while still looking good.

So, what do you think? Any older sprite-based games that you think deserve a place on my fridge?

Here's the few so far:

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3:37 PM on 07.28.2008

Video Game Cross-stitch

After seeing a lot of interesting collections pass by on the main page over the last few months, I finally decided to share my own strange habits with you all.

I haven't had much time to work on these projects as of late, but here's some of my older works.
Sorry about the mostly blurry images, but I no longer own most of these.
They've either been given as gifts, or sold.

I make my own patterns using sprite-based graphics. Since they're already pixelated, they transfer well to gridded cross stitch patterns. :)
These come from anime and video games alike.

Bub and Bob from Bubble Bobble/Bust a move.
This one took about 2 hours to make.

Alexiel from the anime Angel Sanctuary.
I can't recall how long it took, but it was at least 2 1/2 hours.

Chrono from Chrono Trigger.

Felicia from... Well, a lot of games. But I think I took that sprite from Puzzle Fighter.

My traditional starting group for Final Fantasy (1).
About 3 hours of work.

Fuu Houoji from the anime Magic Knight Rayearth. Made into a pillow.
This took a whopping 34 hours to make.

Ice climbers. :)
Again, about two hours of work.

Inu Yasha, from the PS1 fighting game.
Those poofy pants brought that work up to over 9 1/2 hours. O.o
So much red...

Kefka! From Final Fantasy 6/3.
About 10 hours of work.
One of my favorite works yet. And I gave it to an awesome Kefka cosplayer at a con one year.

Kirby. Given as a christmas present.
2 hours seems to be the average for works this size.

"Leon" (Squall) from Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories.
11 1/2 hours.
Given as a christmas present as well.

Link! From a fan-sprite.
3-ish hours.

Various. Most of these were given as christmas presents.
(Some shown before)
Ryo-Ohki -- 2 Hours
Tonberry -- 3 Hours
Sailor Jupiter -- 4 Hours
Catgirl -- 4 1/2 Hours

(Catgirl based on random image floating around the net, as per request. I made her into a sprite, then stitched her up.)

Morrigan and Lilith. Sprite taken from Marvel vs. Capcom 2.
Over 15 hours.

Protoman! (3 hours.)

Another request. Raphael.
4 hours.

Sheena from Tales of Symphonia (?).
Yet another request.

My other favorite. 4 hours well spent.
A succubus from Disgaea.

These last few were all stitched onto onsies, and are being modeled by my son.

Four swords version of Link.

Prinny, dood!

A few mario themed items.

More at

P.S. If theres a video game sprite you'd like to have made into a cross-stitched item, I would likely be up to taking some commissions.   read

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