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simjaehyun avatar 5:19 AM on 11.26.2007  (server time)
The Significance of Child's Play

The folks have at Penny Arcade are amazing people. It has been said many times before and it will continue to be said after. Child’s Play is the first charity I can fully appreciate helping as it is in synch with my principals. Does this have to do with the fact that I’m a gamer? Possibly, but there are deeper sentiments beyond mere hobbies.

We’ve heard them all right? The charities left and right for whatever ailment or disease. They urge us face to face, on our television sets, at the radio, in the internet; all to support their noble cause. Now I’m going to sound quite the pessimist, but please bear with me for there is a point to be made. It doesn’t matter whether we’re healthy or ill, in the end we’re all going to die. To cure a specific condition will only prolong the inevitable. Just because one has the rest of their life ahead of them does not promise happiness. An opportunity is not a guarantee.

So how does Child’s Play differ from the rest of these organizations? Simple, it provides happiness. Death comes to us all, but joy does not. Child’s Play helps kids enjoy what little time they may have here and isn’t that the least they deserve?

I urge you as gamers, no, as human beings to give what you can to this organization for it is not longevity that we seek in life, but quality. Let’s share the joys that we’ve taken for granted with those who require it more than us.

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