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sickboy avatar 6:14 PM on 05.11.2011  (server time)
Them things what I done today that time.

Today's been interesting. It's been an unproductive, productive day which sounds counter-productive (stop saying productive, gosh!) but let me explain. I started the day at around 9am, watched some TV, ate cereal (I head coco pops they were great), then sat down with a coffee and did some work. After a few hours grafting on a website I'm working on for a client I decided to spend the rest of my day being as unproductive and lazy as I could. In other words I became your average video gamer.

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge has been sitting in my Steam Library since I pre-ordered it (in like, what, July was it?) and never played it. Don't ask why, I have no idea. I kept telling myself to make some time for it and then I had a few months hiatus from my PC (where I had like 70% more of a social life) and totally forgot about it. The point is that I'm back now and playing it and it's bloody great it is. I'm actually enjoying listening to the developer audio commentary just as much as playing the game, some of the stuff they discuss (Captain Dread for example) is pretty darn entertaining.

A light lunch followed (it wasn't light at all, there was a lot of bacon involved) and an episode of 24 then I was back to gaming and ignoring all my work e-mails. This time, Minecraft. I found a tutorial by Stardog on using Google SketchUp as a Minecraft building planner. So, in-between playing Team Fortress 2 and chatting to friends on Skype, I spent the rest of the day trying to work out how to use SketchUp and I came up with this:

Neat huh? I'll be making that tomorrow on the GTAForums Minecraft Server which unfortunately is whitelisted (sorry guys and gals).

What else? Oh, yeah! Just now a friend of mine told me that Alone in the Dark 1+2+3 are available on for just $5.99 (that's about 10 Sickles 3 Knuts if you're a Wizard like me). The games are definitely worth it even if it's just for a face full of warm, sticky nostalgia which I definitely understand since Alone in the Dark is the first PC game I played way back when.


Thoughts / comments? I'd love to hear 'em!

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