I was raised on the Commodore and 386 computers, and then Sega Genesis. Thus my gaming identity was formed by a steady diet of Shareware(one word: Apogee), floppy disks, and rented Genesis games.

From there I went into the pupae stage with the Saturn and Nintendo 64, emerging from my cocoon with an Xbox.

These days, my time is spent on my 360 and Dreamcast. My PSP mostly finds use as an awkward mp3 player.

I work in advertising in NYC. As a graduate of PSU, when I'm not playing games or murdering vagrants, I'm following college football(JoePa is my religion)

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It’s no secret that the Dreamcast is a great console. I never owned one during its natural lifespan, but I managed to snag one a few years back, allowing me to catch up on some classic titles that I missed the first time around. The most recent game that I "picked up used" is Rayman 2.

It’s almost in mint condition!

As expected, I’m enjoying it. The gameplay and even the graphics hold up well today. Since I also missed out on Rayman 3, I decided to check out some reviews, to see if it was as well received as its predecessor.

Here I am reading IGN’s review, notice anything interesting here?


How about we look closer at that ad right in the middle of the page?

Yes, when you hover your mouse over this thing, you aim the plasma rifle from Doom and shoot at pop-up demons from that game.

And hey, doesn’t that background look familiar too?

This was the first released screenshot of the Halo 3 multiplayer map Ghost Town, before it was available for download. In fact it is the very first image Google finds when you search “Ghost Town Halo 3.”

You gotta admire the balls these guys have at Game Vance*. Blatantly stealing art from 2 of the most recognizable games of all time, and not bothering to alter them in anyway. Oh wait, they made the demons green, I guess they think that makes it not stealing.

Completely legal.

You would think someone at Game Vance or someone who does the ad placement at IGN would realize that maybe they shouldn’t have an ad that steals from popular games and then put that same ad on a video game website.

But hang on folks, the retardation doesn’t end there. What did they decide to name this mashup of games featuring futuristic and monster/alien enemies?


Not anything remotely applicable. Hell I could rattle off a bunch of names off the top of my head that would make more sense. Like Monster Blast, Alien Holocaust, or Demon Fingerbang Fiasco**.

But no. It’s S.W.A.T. Assault. Periods sexily included. Do those Vance jokers have any concept of what a SWAT team is? Have they not seen any of the multitudes of movies or TV shows that show SWAT teams in action?

Little known deleted scene from the 2003 movie SWAT

I checked out the company’s sketchy website, and it’s full of the typical free to play garbage that you can find at dozens of other sites. Only available if you register of course. Alas, I didn’t try out the “full version” of SWAT Assault, because I decided I have enough spam in my inbox as is.

I just hope Bungie or id see this ad. Although now I’m not sure if I want them to sue the pants off of this company, or send them applications for the Special Olympics.

*What the hell kind of name is that anyway? WTF is a “Vance”?
**This one I’m actually producing, but I can’t quite get a publisher on board for some reason.

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