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sickNasty avatar 5:18 PM on 02.01.2009  (server time)
10 things you don't know about sickNasty

I guess I'll ride this train as well.

10. I look like Jason Biggs.
Hereís an older picture of me. I think I really nailed the douchey expression on his face.

Thatís right, true pimps go out wearing Blockbuster shirts.

Ever since the first American Pie movie came out, itís one of the first things people say when they meet me. It doesnít happen as much these days, since that guy hasnít done much lately.

9. Iím NOT Jewish
Seriously. Despite my appearance, Iím not. Everyone initially assumes I am. The fact that I am a cheap bastard doesnít help the impression people get.

8. My name comes from one of the most ridiculous people I knew in college.
This guy had a massive ego and was the king of exagerrated stories. He would constantly regale us with stories of drunken fights and improbable sexual adventures that we knew didnít happen.

According to one of his yarns a complete stranger asked him ďwhatís in the bagĒ to which he responded with the always classic: ďYour Momís pussy, bitchĒ and then proceeded to kick his ass. To him, everything he did in life was ďsickĒ or ďnasty.Ē He used the words so much we started calling him as sicknasty. I felt such a larger-than-life character was perfect for my online name.

7. I donít refer to myself as a ďGamerĒ
And before you start, no I'm not ashamed of my love for games or hide it in anyway. I just donít like the idea of any one thing defining me.

I have a ton of other interests too. I love sports and I work out regularly. Iím pretty athletic, having run track and played baseball in high school. You can bet that Iíll be watching the Super Bowl tonight. I read college football blogs with as much enthusiasm and regularity as video game blogs.

To me it seems silly to use the term ďgamerĒ if we want games to be more accepted as respected medium. Do we give special names to people who love plays, books, movies, or sports? For that reason I donít use the word. Iím just myself. Iím not interesting in being limited with any kind of classification.

6. I canít remember a time in my life without Star Wars
I seriously canít. Itís like how you know who your parents are. You just do. I just always knew the plot, and I have always loved the original trilogy. The prequels... well... Iíd just like to pretend they never happened.

Hi there, allow me to shit on your childhood

5. The first game I purchased with my own money was Exosquad for Genesis.

The game had it all: sidescrolling action levels, flying and shooting levels, and a 2 player fighting game mode. This game was the Catís Pajamas. Of course I watched the show and had a few of the toys as well.

4. I have night terrors
For those who donít know, they arenít the same as nightmares. They were probably brought on from my prior conditioning.

As my girlfriend and various roommates over the years can attest, I sometimes just freak the hell out for no reason in the middle of the night. I jump up, yell and try to defend myself fromÖ something I guess. I usually donít remember. But sometimes I freak out so much that I actually fully wake myself up, at which point Iím very embarrassed and I apologize to anyone around.

3. Halo means a lot to me
And not for the obvious reasons that I love Halo as a franchise. I wouldnít be friends with one of my closest friends, if it wasnít for Halo 2.

We worked together in high school, but lost touch shortly thereafter. He doesnít live anywhere near me, and through some stroke of luck, we managed to run into each other on Xbox Live, and we started playing Halo 2, and now Halo 3 almost daily. When he got married, he actually considered naming me the best man, even though our primary method of hanging out was playing double team Halo 2.

2. My old car was totaled by a washing machine
Iím driving on the highway and a washing machine just falls into my lane off the back of a truck carrying scrap metal. Somehow I avoided it, spun out of control, crossed four lanes of traffic, and hit the wall. I have no idea how, but no one else crashed, and my carís airbag didnít even go off. The car had to be totaled and my insurance gave me a fat check.


1. I can recite all 50 states in alphabetical order
Don't ask. I just can.

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