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Looking forward to Spore!

I'm a cautious PC gamer, because if you open the package you can't return it if in reality your PC can not indeed handle a game. That being said my recent investigation into Spore has me excited! Will Wright is a fantastic ga...


Renting games. Is it better than buying?

I bring this up as it is relevant to my current gaming situation. I've rented Burnout: Paradise, and though with confusing thoughts at first it is a neat game, I wonder if it is better renting. See, I'm confused, 2008 has sev...


My Current Top 5 Games (Because I Can)

So since I'm new here, and my previous posts have had a 3/4 success rate, I thought I'd share with you all my top favourite games of all time (as of Feb 4th 2008). I haven't yet so pretend like this post is uber original. 5-...


Does Nintendo appreciate their fans?

To start I think we (Nintendo fans) should be honest. None of us wanted motion controls or a tiny little machine with a sensor bar. After the Game Cube seemed to be a technical flop we wanted something to combat Sony and Micr...


I has a Wii & PS3...

So for my first post, I shall discuss the two consoles that I have, as it would not be fair to pass judgment on a console that I do not own. Albeit, from playing the Xbox 360 at the homes of my comrades I can safely say its n...


About shmeloone of us since 6:01 PM on 01.24.2008

Hi there!

From my header, it is easy to tell that Mario games, Assassins Creed and Dragon Quest 8 are amongst my favourite games, I do prefer games with fantastic stories or fantastic game play. Both together are preferable, yet rare.

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