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9:22 PM on 02.15.2008

Looking forward to Spore!

I'm a cautious PC gamer, because if you open the package you can't return it if in reality your PC can not indeed handle a game. That being said my recent investigation into Spore has me excited! Will Wright is a fantastic game designer, most of my PC collection consists of The Sims and The Sims 2 and their respected expansions. I also took joy in Black and White 2, which to me Spore looks like The Sims meets Sim Societies meets Black and White with the whole God aspect to it.

Spore Images, this page got me really excited, the graphics look splendid, but not to scary to my PC specs and it also looks like it will be for previous versions and not Vista only.

I'm pretty sure a lot of gamers are not into the whole hours of designing stuff then watching it move type of game play, but to me this is the stuff that only the PC can process fluently. I am aware of this title having a port on the Wii, but honestly, it will be best played on the PC. In fact I challenge anyone to try and talk me into believing this title would be just as good on the Wii as on the PC. That being said, a Mario game would suck on the PC. Using the WASD keys to move Mario and Space to jump would be a grueling experience to say the least.

I'm a console specific gamer I suppose, I purchase a console (or computer) knowing before hand the kind of games and game play I am expecting (the Wii sure surprised me...). In fact as I like to close my petite blog postings with questions to give you the viewer a little time for expression as well, do you believe in console specific gaming? Are you a console specific gamer?

This may include the franchises, because Final Fantasy 13 honestly made me get the PS3 over the Xbox 360 and I bought my Wii for Mario and Zelda and I play RTS, Simulations and MMOs on PC. All totally different and equally awesome I might add. So how bout it?

-Sorry for the belated wishes, but happy day after Valentine's Day!   read

4:41 PM on 02.05.2008

Renting games. Is it better than buying?

I bring this up as it is relevant to my current gaming situation. I've rented Burnout: Paradise, and though with confusing thoughts at first it is a neat game, I wonder if it is better renting. See, I'm confused, 2008 has severe promise for being a fantastic year in titles. Already we have No More Heroes, Turok, Devil May Cry 4 and well Burnout: Paradise. With the advent of downloading the demos straight to your console (not applicable to Wii... sadly) for free, why rent?

Renting a game at Rogers is around 7 bucks in the end (with our wonderful Canadian taxes). A brand new game is around 65 dollars in the end, and you get it longer than five days. The demos give you a nice savory taste of a piece of the delicious game play of a game, making you crave the full features and if so the story.

All that being said, the Devil May Cry 4 demo left me slightly confused, probably due to the lack of substance. The Turok demo has also left me confused, thinking the game is stupid yet fun. I'm glad I've rented Burnout, as I wouldn't buy it. For one reason that just makes my decision is that if your playing a racing game, its nice to have real cars. I mean obviously you like cars, so actually virtually driving a Ferrari 559 would be sweet. Really sweet... Burnout has fake cars, and it makes it hard to really enjoy the models. Good game play aside from a confusing map.

Anyways, I suppose there is the fact that with a console game you can always return it once bought. Although once renting, that 7 dollars is down the drain, and after renting Tony Hawk's Proving Ground when it came out, I really felt as though I had wasted 7 dollars. Its not much but boy when a game sucks, you really feel bad.

Do you guys now prefer demos and buying, or renting then buying, or just demos or renting?   read

7:24 PM on 02.04.2008

My Current Top 5 Games (Because I Can)

So since I'm new here, and my previous posts have had a 3/4 success rate, I thought I'd share with you all my top favourite games of all time (as of Feb 4th 2008). I haven't yet so pretend like this post is uber original.

5- Super Mario Galaxy
When the Wii came out, two games had filled my dreams with creamy goodness; Twilight Princess and Mario Galaxy. The thing that Galaxy does right is return to more contemporary platforming roots. With amazing visuals that taint your eyes with splendiferous goodness and wacky animation of Mario flip flopping and flying all over space I felt a certain "high".

4- Paper Mario (N64)
Never has a Mario game taken the time to let the player explore the actual Mushroom kingdom in all its glory. I was in euphoria wondering the streets filled with Toadstools and then the cool wilderness and Koopa Village, the tropical Yoshi island... its a game that gave me hours (maybe days...) of fun that remains a fond childhood memory.

3- Dragon Quest 8
I wouldn't say I'm an RPG fan per-say, however I do enjoy the odd one now and again. Dragon Quest 8 had such a predictable plot, yet it was pulled off nicely with actually cool characters, that made you care. The ingenious methods of immersing game play such as saving through confession really drew me into the thick molasses of the game.

2- Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
One of the most pleasant surprises in gaming I've ever experienced. I simply love a good story and great characters, but for some reason high action games failed to incorporate said aspect. Uncharted literally combines all my favourite bits of gaming; good story, cool characters, slick action and jumping around!

1- The Legend of Zelda: OCARINA OF TIME MUTHA F**KAS!
The first game I owned was Ocarina, got my N64 and Goldeneye, along with my first Zelda game. I had been a fan before though, as since a very young age I had played the NES and SNES at my cousins house. I'd play for hours, and when Link grew into 3D and Hyrule was open for mouth watering exploration, I just... cry in joy...

There are other fantastic games that I love, Assassins Creed, Final Fantasy 12, Skies of Arcadia, Super Smash... but these games I hold dear to my heart for the amazing experience they provide(d).

Comment away, do you share the same feelings towards these titles even though they may not grace your own top 5?   read

3:17 PM on 02.03.2008

Mario Galaxy: Wii's Best bet ever, or so far?

I've moaned and groaned about the Wii and how I may or may not like motion controls, but in all honesty Zelda and Mario still remain awesome games. Its also no surprise that many gamers with their Wiis (not all gamers, as some would argue) are worried about future titles (excluding BRAWL, which should have been out months ago). Mario Galaxy has a quality that just screams Nintendo all over it, from all aspects. In fact it fought with Ocarina of Time for highest rated game of all time, but fell to second. Such a fantastic game does show the Wii has housing for amazing things, but this also poses a problem.

After playing Mario Galaxy I found myself wondering, when will I get an experience like this on the Wii again? Super Smash Bros Brawl will definitely bring the same amount of joy, but I'm talking about a future title that hasn't been revealed yet. Everyone is aware that Nintendo pretty much releases one big title from each franchise of Mario and Zelda and Super Smash to each of their consoles, so there won't be much hope for another Zelda adventure let alone a Mario one.

With the recent advent of realization that 3rd party games are rather crappy, who will produce a game for the Wii that could remotely match Mario Galaxy's quality? Rumours have spread that a Call of Duty 5 may grace the Wii, however that would require Infinity Ward to... take a step back from Call of Duty 4. Resident Evil 5 looks awfully bleak when considering it also on the Wii.

What do you guys think? I'm just curious as I ponder the future of the Wii.   read

3:17 PM on 01.27.2008

Does Nintendo appreciate their fans?

To start I think we (Nintendo fans) should be honest. None of us wanted motion controls or a tiny little machine with a sensor bar. After the Game Cube seemed to be a technical flop we wanted something to combat Sony and Microsoft. We wanted real jean texture in Mario's overalls, a Zelda title with voice acting, full orchestra and CGI cut scenes!

Nintendo's first console proved that video games were more than Pong and Pac-Man, Mario and Zelda were technical breakthroughs. Nintendo fans have always appreciated more in depth games. The first and second Nintendo console also were able to house a Final Fantasy game, Nintendo fans are not casual gamers, for over twenty years (of course I haven't lived that long) we've been loyal to great gaming. All patterns from the NES to the Nintendo 64 show that we were quite content with simple (yet huge) technical improvements. Nintendo will never achieve the same impact as Ocarina of Time and Mario 64 because those two were the first 3D outings of Link and Mario.

The gaming world responded very well to the 3D graphics, now environments could be more complex along with game play. However the Game Cube's rather... minor increase in graphics showed a slight unease in Nintendo's plans. The Wii's... well Wii games can have more lighting effects but thats about it. There is no improvement. The problem is, motion control technology in hard core games depletes the game play. When the technicality of a console has not improved and the hard core games lack in game play due to technology... something is wrong.

From the advertising campaign to the news reports, the Wii is being sold as a "toy" and not a game console. Elder folks are getting more enjoyment out of the Wii than the Nintendo fans.

The Wii sports game may be fun, but along with Wii play and Wii fit it shows the title of the console along with games that are... rather sporty as apposed to real time consuming deep adventures. Nintendo is marketing everyone, except the gamers. The gamers whom have been deep fans of the great titles that Nintendo *used* to come out with.

Their absence of care for graphics has pushed other developers (Square Enix) to other consoles where their games can be properly show cased. Without improving the technology like everyone else, the Wii limits its library. Assassins Creed could have been on the Wii but the developers said they couldn't bring the processing requirements of the game down enough for the Wii.

This turn in Nintendo's goal has probably made it easier for Microsoft's Xbox to gain such power.

All I'm saying is that the hardware sales of the Wii show Nintendo prefers cold hard cash over a very loyal fan base. Of course their software sales are not nearly as commendable.

Thank you for reading this rather drab "article", I should point out that the proof is the game selection, news reports (from any local news source, and numerous posts from Destructoid and Joystiq, and in Nintendo's future titles (or lack thereof).   read

6:09 PM on 01.26.2008

I has a Wii & PS3...

So for my first post, I shall discuss the two consoles that I have, as it would not be fair to pass judgment on a console that I do not own. Albeit, from playing the Xbox 360 at the homes of my comrades I can safely say its not bad, excellent online as everyone continuously says, but no games that really grab my attention.

I have owned my Wii since day one, in anticipation of Twilight Princess. I waited from 9:00 at night until 9:00 in the morning on the coldest night in November. I sat next to a fellow Nintendo fan (whom was a total stranger, but had chops so I called him Chops Malloy) and my good friend and his father. My legs from the knees down were completely purple when I got home, and crashed on my bed after setting up the Wii. I couldn't hold on any longer, and thus waited another 8 hours before actual game play.

For the first month the Wii was exhilarating, those oh so fun dungeons in Twilight Princess were gorgeous, and Wii sports was some what addictive. Little did I know that secretly Nintendo was stabbing me in the back. As until Super Mario Galaxy I had no really good experience with any other games, only disappointment.

I am a Nintendo fan, honest, but the Wii is a gimmick. It is a step backwards in the video game industries goal to make video games a recognizable form of art in the eyes of the media. Nintendo has reverted back to video games being "toys", and their lack of response to what the fans want just goes to show that they do not care about their fans. No Nintendo fan asked to shake a remote around and a complete abandonment of graphical capabilities altogether.

A year later for Christmas... CHRISTmas (I hate the political term, Winter Holidays and so on, as it is Jesus' birthday, show some bloody respect). Ahem, a year later I got a PS3 with Call of Duty 4, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Assassins Creed and Oblivion. I will say this, I love my PS3 more than my Wii, probably because of a better game selection. In fact that is the reason. Plus Sony listens to fans, by increasing the technology at hand, rather then moving onto new and buggy technology that does not work quite as well as you hoped (motion controls suck).

Uncharted is by far the most satisfying game I have ever played, the combination of graphics, game play, amazing story, cool characters, and detailed environments made the whole experience rather... superb and euphoric even.

So that is where I stand currently, playing Oblivion as I've beat the other three games on my PS3 and wait patiently for Final Fantasy XIII.

I've also delved slightly into the "retro" era of the NES, but I'll touch up on that some other time.

Thank you ever so much for reading about my gaming, but you should get back to your own games. This is a waste of time.   read

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