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From my header, it is easy to tell that Mario games, Assassins Creed and Dragon Quest 8 are amongst my favourite games, I do prefer games with fantastic stories or fantastic game play. Both together are preferable, yet rare.
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I'm a bit of late bloomer when it comes to M rated games, I'll admit. But I gladly admit that my first M rated game(s) was the Resident Evil Essentials package, including: Code Veronica, Outbreak and 4. All of which are fantastic games, it saddens me that I never got to experience Outbreak online.

With my own interest recently peaked in 4 and Outbreak again (haven't played em in months since COD4). I thought "wait a second... PS3 has better online capabilities than 2, they should make an outbreak (or something new) for the PS3 with some slick online".

I am quite aware this post can only appeal to RE fans, but I must express my feelings. We need a new Resident Evil with some online co-op! I can just imagine screaming into the microphone "shoot him in the head, SHOOT HIM IN THE HEAD! GRAB THE SHOT GUN! ZOMBIE!"

Oh the online zombie slaughtering would be gorgeous on this gen, and user friendly with the online (as long as it isn't Wiis online service, or lack there of...).

How bout you? DO YOU crave some online zombie fun? Or am I just alone here...

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