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Hi there!

From my header, it is easy to tell that Mario games, Assassins Creed and Dragon Quest 8 are amongst my favourite games, I do prefer games with fantastic stories or fantastic game play. Both together are preferable, yet rare.
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So yeah, I have one more ISU presentation to do, then 3 in class exams and one formal then I'm done. Its really not a lot. Anyhow I've mostly been thinking of what to get for my summer treat. As a PS3 owner it is my responsibility to buy Metal Gear Solid 4, but I need something to last the summer or until mid summer.

I deeply resent Nintendo now, the Wii is very regretful for me. The Zelda and Mario Galaxy title were alright, in hind sight though I enjoyed Mario Sunshine and Wind Waker much more, they had more exploration and lasting experiences then the newest titles. Then of course Nintendo's casual game focus actually pisses me off. I have no idea what they've got coming for this years holiday rush, and they certainly have nothing now. I would sell my Wii but I love Zelda too much and probably wouldn't get good cash for it.

Then there is World of Warcraft. Albeit I suck at it, I planned out a quick intense game play session to just boost to level 60 then get Burning Crusade and do questing to level 70, and of course just plain and simple run around Azeroth gallivanting.

Theres a small, very, very, very, very, very times infinity small chance of turning Wii over for a 360, however in the ending value it would be a rip off, although I really want Fable 2.

Of course with World of Warcraft, its difficult for me to pay monthly, if I were to request a parents credit card to save money online with a recurring deal it could be a no, so for PC sake I could get Mass Effect, I think my PC could handle it.

Then theres Battlefield Bad Company, but I would rather get for 360 to play with my friend since we loved 2142 so much.

By the way, all this has been going through my head and thought over much more than school work, in fact an accounting test today has probably been done very poorly. Then again, my summer gaming needs to be perfect, it could be my last to loaf.

Just stuff to think about.

I have made a few mistakes in games, where I've died but not like "oh I just died", like it was a surprise and I was like "oh snap".

One of such instances was recently during a run through Resident Evil 4 (again). I was near the beginning, I had just bust open a door, shot gun in hand and there was a guy coming right at me. I've such skill as an instant head shot and his brains burst all over. Now, I was not aware that this can happen, but it did. His headless corpse kept moving forward, I've seen this before. But I was close to it, and it grabbed me and threw me to the ground. I was quite shocked and dismayed, as he had died by the time I got up, so no revenge. He got the last laugh...

Also more recently, in Brawl. I was unlocking toon link and so was facing him on the pirate ship, first time. I wasn't aware of that nice catapult at the tip, and thus when it was coming out, went to investigate. I stood right in front of it and WHAM! I got shot right off the edge. Almost died.

Countless moments I've had with oops. I'm sure you guys have had some too, no need to name them all, just your fondest or most recent.

I'm a bit of late bloomer when it comes to M rated games, I'll admit. But I gladly admit that my first M rated game(s) was the Resident Evil Essentials package, including: Code Veronica, Outbreak and 4. All of which are fantastic games, it saddens me that I never got to experience Outbreak online.

With my own interest recently peaked in 4 and Outbreak again (haven't played em in months since COD4). I thought "wait a second... PS3 has better online capabilities than 2, they should make an outbreak (or something new) for the PS3 with some slick online".

I am quite aware this post can only appeal to RE fans, but I must express my feelings. We need a new Resident Evil with some online co-op! I can just imagine screaming into the microphone "shoot him in the head, SHOOT HIM IN THE HEAD! GRAB THE SHOT GUN! ZOMBIE!"

Oh the online zombie slaughtering would be gorgeous on this gen, and user friendly with the online (as long as it isn't Wiis online service, or lack there of...).

How bout you? DO YOU crave some online zombie fun? Or am I just alone here...

3:12 PM on 03.11.2008

So I've played through Subspace Emissary and classic, done hit the targets and played a few rounds of Brawl. I decided to make this video, I set Mario and Sonic both as level 9 CPUs and then plopped them in final destination.

I actually reserved Brawl last week, and a funny thing (well more sad) happened when I went to pick up Brawl. There was a dude there asking for any Wiis as I walk in, and the clerk says were all out due to Brawl, and the guy was like yea thats the game I wanted. Then I walk up in his face and take my copy. I'm surprised actually that there are still Wii shortages.

Seeing as I made this video it must be apparent that I love the game a lot. Albeit, I found SSE to be very bloated in content, unnecessarily long rather. But damn is it old school, a fantastic break from the "revolutionary" "casual" "games" the Wii seems to whore out.

Hope you like the video, the ending will shock you as there is a 50/50 chance either will win. Just don't read comments before watching.

Thanks for you interest.

Well, I could use a new PC rig, mine is over four years old, thus it becoming obsolete. My speakers are broken, the one with the dent is the only one with sound coming out, but it has ruined all sound for my PC games. I have to play all my PC games with the sound off, otherwise it becomes annoying with random spikes in sound effects.

The specs are:

Dell XPS
Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.20 GHz
1.00 GB of RAM
288 GB memory
20' LCD Monitor

So thats the setup.

This is the broken speaker, with the dent so this one emits some sound. The other one doesn't.

When I first got it, it was gorgeous, fastest internet I ever experienced, smoothest game play (Sims 2 was all I had for it back then) and she booted up and sounded like a dream. But alas as time has passed, she dwindles. Heck, World of Warcraft doesn't even work that well on her now. At times, when shutting down a game, it will read an internal video error and just freeze now, making me scared to play games altogether on my PC.

Thanks for checking it out!

It was probably unnecessary for me to reserve Brawl, but the thought of not attaining it this Saturday makes me sick, so I've insured my health. Funny how far the Wii has come already, and when looking back on other Nintendo consoles. Every time a new Mario or Zelda game comes out, it reminds me of my childhood and of gamings past. Perhaps this is unhealthy, but one of my fondest memories is of the times me and my friends rented the first Super Smash Bros. We played non-stop and it was just fantastic. To this day I still play Melee, and we played that forever too. Its wonderful to see the favourite characters triumphant return, as well as the new faces (to the Smash series at least).

I know I've griped about the Wii, but in all honesty Nintendo themselves have managed to keep things good (3rd party developers need to be spanked). With the Wii I've had more control of the games I get and have managed to secure a copy of all of Nintendo's big titles upon release (Metroid Prime 3, Super Paper Mario, Zelda Twilight, although got Mario Galaxy at Christmas...) and it just goes to show to me, how Nintendo never will get old.

All that being said, the slogan in the commercials for Brawl worry me, "the brawl to end all", does this mean this is the last Brawl, or is it just a slogan for the sake of rhyming? I just ponder is all.

Of course all this positive talk must be mirrored by the fact that for the past three months I've been playing my PS3 non-stop. Good news is, all my PS3 games are beaten, and I've played COD4 online a lot, so I'm ready for a new game, and luckily (thankfully) Brawl is finally being released.

Finally is an under statement however, its delays have broken many of my internal organs numerous times.

What rocks even more, is I've completed all my assignments for school, finished all tests (with As, to bribe my parents) and March Break is coming right up with the release of Brawl. Its almost as if, Nintendo planned its release to my schedule. Either way, its kind of odd how I give thanks for a video game, but really they're that good, and I'm more than happy to fork over fifty-six bucks for it.

Thanks for reading, I know its just some mushy thoughts of mine and Super Smash Bros, but thats what blogs are for. When your bored and have nothing better to do, plus as gamers we don't read much. Later.