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Hey everybody, Takeshi's back!

8PM EDT: Red Faction Host: JackOfNoTrades (PSN: JackOfNoTrades85)

Jack is hosting a little ostrich hammer action. So, hop in your giant mining robot and get to crushing.

8PM EDT: BlazBlue Host: Santanaclaus89 (PSN: Moosehole)

Join Moose in a few rounds of the new fighting game sensation sweeping the nation. Better get in as many matches as you can before King of Fighters XII comes out and everyone starts playing it instead.

9PM EDT: Killzone 2: Host: Takeshi (PSN: JohanHin)

Takeshi's never coming back... Oh wait, yes he is. Back right where he belongs, hosting Killzone 2 As usual the password will be 'TOID'.

10PM EDT: Battlefield 1943 Host: Takeshi (PSN: JohanHin)

Wow, not only is he back but he's hosting two games. After Killzone 2, join Takeshi for the surprisingly complex download-able FPS Battlefield 1943.

11PM EDT: BlazBlue Host: y0j1mb0 (PSN: k0wb0y-b33b0p)

A game so nice we're playing it twice.

12PM EDT: Socom: Confrontation Host: y0j1mb0 (PSN: k0wb0y-b33b0p)

Everybody's playing Socom again, even Takeshi's gotten into it. However, I still have no interest in it, so you can stop harassing me y0j1mb0.

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