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With all the high profile games coming out lately I feel that one game in particular isn't getting the attention it deserves. I hope this post rectifies that.

8PM EST: Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Host: Santanaclaus89 (PSN: Moosehole)

There's Servbots on the starboard bow. Starboard bow. Starboard bow.

9PM EST: Tekken 6 Host: JackofNoTrades (PSN: JackofNoTrades85)

It's a fighting game Jack but not as we know it. Not as we know it. Not as we know it.

10PM EST: Modern Warfare 2 Host: Santanaclaus89 (PSN: Moosehole)

It's worse than that, he's fragged Moose. Fragged Moose. Fragged Moose.

10PM EST: Uncharted 2 Host: FalconReaper (PSN: FalconReaper)

Ya can no' change the laws of grave robbing. Laws of grave robbing. Laws of grave robbing.

Never PM EST: Star Trek D-A-C Host: Nobody(PSN: Nothing)

Oh come on, did you really think that we were going to waste our time with this game you stupid idiot? I mean really, this game stinks like poop and is dumber than your mom. I just wanted an excuse to post stupid Star Trek videos.

12AM EST: Socom: Confrontation Host: Santanaclaus89 (PSN: Moosehole)
I'm a soldier. Not an actor. Not a milkman. What does that mean?

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