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I've been around Dtoid since the early days. You can catch me lurking around in the forums and occasionally blogging when I feel I have something to say. Have been gaming since the early NES days, mostly on PS3/PC/Wii nowadays. I also hang around on Twitter and Backloggery so feel free to add me!

Favourite games, in no particular order: Metal Gear Solid FFV-VI-VII-X-XII Street Fighter anything Resident Evil 2-4 Legacy of Kain series Anything by LucasArts from last century Vagrant Story Persona 3 Portal Zelda series Devil May Cry 3 God of War series Silent Hill 1-2 ISS/PES series Shadow of the Colossus Super Metroid Bionic Commando GTA series Uncharted series
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It happened.

I'd been preparing for this for a while, saving up and planning exactly how it would go. I still have a crapload of older titles that I really want to play, but I figured at this rate I'd still be playing 16-bit Zelda in my 40's. Which is a good thing and is still gonna happen regardless, so I decided to just get on with it.

So I went for a drive, brought a pal along to stop me from chickening out at the last second, and by the time I got back home I was carrying a big-ass slab of Bravia, a shiny new PS3 and a copy of the Collector's Edition of Street Fighter IV (somewhat related note: not worth it).

I hooked everything up and gave it a spin. My initial reaction was something like this:

Guess that backlog will have to wait. If games are digital highs, I am OD'ing right now. I still suck at fighting Ken, err, playing online, mostly because I need to get used to lag and the fresh blisters on my thumbs - but if you want to engage in a good ol' fashioned high-def fisticuffs, I'm your man (PSN: Shinryu108). Oh, and I'm on HD Remix too.

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