I suppose since one of my stories has been promoted, I'm on the spot to get off my lazy ass and describe myself. I'm a 3D modeler working on Flight Simulators by day, a doodlin nerd by night. I try to remain without system biases but let's face it, no one can do that. I do want to apologize for some of my terrible grammar. I'm hoping to correct this issue as time goes on. I want to get better.

As to which games games I'm into, which ones am I not into is a more apt question. I'm a collector with a fairly massive collection. And, maybe as time rolls on, I'll fill more of this out.
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The primary foundations complete, today is all about Tile creation and room designing. On grid paper, I hammered out 12 rooms that would be standard to the dungeon and 8 rooms designed around various scenarios. With my own super creative symbology, these rooms are easy to understand for the criminally insane. But on top of that, they have the added bonus of showing me exactly what types of tiles I need to fulfill the basic design.

At this point, the number of tiles have increased significantly, as shown in this collection. With the information shown, you can start to decipher how many of the rooms will work.

Which is good because the rooms translate directly to their final form in the following ways.

In other words, Day 2 is complete and I have a strong foundation to complete a quick and dirty prototype. I'm well ahead of the 7 day challenge, but coming up next are two distinct problems. First is the character artwork and the monster artwork needs to look good on a standard poker sized card. Next is how to represent the scenario on a card and include the setup instructions.

Tune in tomorrow to see what happens next!
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