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2:12 AM on 06.15.2015

The Elder Scrolls: Hearthstone

[color=#A52A2A]Well... It's not Gwent[/color]


Bethesda E3 2015

The first ever Bethesda E3 Press Conference went down today, as expected Fallout 4 was shown in greater depth, showing off a lot of gameplay and new features. The new Doom game was also announced and demoed, as well as this game?

At the moment of announcement it seemed as if everyone in the room raised a collective (?) as well as everyone on the internet. From what I'm reading around the web, people are not only confused but also a bit upset that Bethesda is making a card game at all. As it seems to be something no one asked for, and some people are upset that the trailer didn't show much at all, so anyone that would be interested in the game has almost no information akin to gameplay or mechanics, the only certainty is that the game does infact exist.


[color=#A52A2A]The New Trend[/color]

Some people (alot actually) are upset because the trailer begins as a very convincing teaser for what some might have been lead to believe was the ES6 announcement. I'm sure those people are upset that the game that was actually announced might not even be something similar to the ES, just (at first glance at least) a ploy at competing with Hearthstone.

It very well could be that it is nothing like Hearthstone, as all the title says is that it is a "Strategy Card Game" it could be a game that simply uses cards as the marketing hook and/or main gameplay mechanic, similar to Card Dungeon among other similar titles. Of course that is what I believe to be the best case scenario, (pls) although odds are that it is really just is an attempt to rake in that sweet sweet booster pack money.


[color=#A52A2A]The End[/color]

I personally do not enjoy competitive card games like Hearthstone all that much (although I do like the art and animations quite a bit) and it tends to be a game I play while waiting for a game on Steam to download, or maybe while enjoying my daily trip to the loo.                                                                                      

How do you feel about the card game announcement? Is it just a money grabbing scheme? Or do you tink this is a potential rival to HS?

ALSO I've been on DTOID for years and this is my first CBlog, So HI! I hope to post more if anything peaks my interest.


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