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12:41 PM on 07.12.2011

The steam and the gamestop.

So, we see every week a new sale on Steam. Increbely prices, increbely games, download any time you want. But, digital distribution is the future? For me, a brazillain, I think not...

I will write this entry on my brazillian vision, that is pretty negative as i think my country COMPLETELY SUCKS ON GAMES.

So lets start it.

One year ago, Starcraft2 was released here. we have to pay a fee for each 6 months to be able to play it.
I like it. I buyed it via digital distribution. And now every 6 months i have to pay 32.5 dollars to pay it for more 6 months.

And them, whem we have a midnight launch, i happyli go on it;

I buy the phisical copy. But it makes me sad. It just a import.

If my vision was of a american, european or asian, i would continue to say that i prefer digital copys.

But for Brazil, i would say we have no future....   read

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