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11:12 AM on 08.20.2013

Dtoid TF2 Server Announcement.


9:50 PM on 08.10.2013

Donning the cape and cowl in Arkham Origins

So as we all have heard at some point, Batman Arkham Origins has a multiplayer mode; one which is currently in a semi-closed Beta test going on right now on Xbox and PS3. The premise of the Invisible Predator game mode is pretty simple; Joker and Bane are having a turf war and it is up to Batman and Robin to break things up. With a lot of the same gadgets found in single player alongside a slew of upgrades for the customizable thugs, Invisible Predator promises to offer at least some depth alongside the main game. So how does this game mode stack up when outside of the finely controlled conditions of a press event? About as well as a finely polished turd might stand up to a plate glass window.

The game mode is in beta, and things could very well change. However that list is quite long and extensive, I can only hope the other game modes offer something much different in terms of gameplay. As it has been touched on before, you can play as Batman or Robin in the role of a hero. The heroes’ goal is simple, intimidate the living daylights out of all the thugs present and fill a meter which will end the match due to the bad guys running out of spare whitey-tighties. With a massive collection of tools, vents, gargoyles and moves at your disposal it would seem like being Batman or Robin would be just like the single player games. Problems arise upon realizing that the heroes seem to not only have paper thin suits that offer very little health, but that even with detective vision disrupting abilities, the limited amount of ways to approach certain choke points spell absolute death for our heroes.

Thugs on the other hand offer up a fun cover based third person shooter. In stark contrast to the heroes, Joker and Bane’s gang members have a series of both cosmetic and class customizations. Even the stock weapons you start with are strong enough to take down all but the super villains themselves. Upgrades are essentially the same for both gangs; a stun/kill trap, a remote controlled air ship/helicopter, and a variety of weapons. Players can even deck out their thugs in all sorts of various unlockable clothes, tattoos and hair styles. There are even separate loadouts that can be unlocked as well.

Unlockables are gained by both leveling up and purchasing them using credits earned by playing the game. These credits can also be bought for real money as dlc too, a move that is all too similar to how unlocks were handled in Gotham City Imposters. These “shortcuts” are nothing compared to experience, knowing where the heroes can hide, where super villain, ammo, spawn points are can make or break the three man team.  Once Joker or Bane comes out to play, a mixture of feces and blood hits the fan at a rate proportional to how fast one or both of them reloads their various explosive weapons. Considering the difficulties the heroes face against regular thugs, adding the villains into the mix makes it exceptionally harder for them to stand a chance. I was playing as Joker, caught completely unaware with explosive gel, then got the crap kicked out of me, only to turn around and instantly kill robin with a single shot from my revolver.

This is how the game mode currently makes me feel.

Invisible Predator Online is currently a fairly broken game mode, and while it does promise to offer up something fundamentally different from the slew of tacked on check boxes that most other games call multiplayer; it is currently a tower that not even superman could leap in a single bound. Sure, there are the usual varieties of cosmetic problems that plague any beta, but the massive issue of imbalance alongside the shoehorned credits for real cash really brings down the experience. I really do wish to see the multiplayer become something special and stand on its own alongside the main campaign, but like a good live action DC comics movie, I’m afraid that might never happen.   read

1:38 PM on 11.14.2012

The terrible torture of an updated Revelations 2012

Credit is owed where credit is due, and to any developer who is willing to take the time and fix mistakes made with their game deserves respect in my book. That being said, Revelations 2012 was recently updated and the folks over at Dark Artz Entertainment have more coming down the pipeline for one of the arguably worst games of the year. The latest patch promises to bring changes that make a massive difference to the game, promise being a key word. Will the new improvements be enough to make Revelations 2012 playable, or did Dark Artz manage to just make things worse?

The new rocket launcher, now with even less ammo!

Being based on the Source engine, Revelations 2012 is a game about the slaying of hundreds of “demons” that are based on Mayans. The game also has the honor of being a driving force as to why Greenlight now exists. Essentially the point of the game is to collect the crystal skulls from each level and advance on until you face a boss fight. Defeating each boss awards a new weapon, which will start unlocked at the beginning of the next level. A simple concept that proves to be quite unfinished in practice.

Now you can pew pew in style with this new rifle! (the scope still doesn't work on widescreen.)

Understandably Revelations 2012 is clearly a work in progress as of this latest patch, and in the console some things are logged literally as such. The removal of nearly all competitive versus modes, as well as the very broken dance mechanic, and by extension the only things that were actually good about the game in the first place, seem to not bode well for making the game any better. However Dark Artz decided to start the process of development from square one, first by reworking the existing characters and adding the sci-fi elements of armor and new weapons. The weapons themselves are nearly unchanged from their original forms aside from appearances and ammo collection. Only the shotgun was really changed, as it now fires faster and has since become the weapon of choice to deal with the “demon” horde. Player characters now seem to run much slower than before, even without the sliding health to speed scale that Left for Dead has. Assuming that was an actual change instead of the fact that dancing was removed and along with it the glitch of dancing while running to increase speed overall. Out of all the changes, only one made a real difference, and even then, it wasn't a fix to a problem, but a removal of the issue all together.

Because holding a shotgun like that is how ALL the pros do it.

Upon starting the game, players used to be greeted to a deafening clinking of coins that could not be stopped due to the master volume control not working properly for menu music. The start screen is now completely gone, and in its place stands a very near replica of the standard Left for Dead 2 menu. Included as well was a new version of a level, that started off with dropping the player into an arena in which they are ordered to destroy the demon spawners with no control as to when the mission actually starts. Somehow Dark Artz decided it was a great idea to change up the point of view as well, instead of having it properly set at the head, it is now at shoulder level, akin to many popular shooters, causing issues where looking at another player at “eye-level” means staring into their chest. Even with numerous issues Revelations 2012 does have potential, however slight it might be.

The level design is just as great as before, now with even more holes and tearing.

With the promise of more fixes in the future, Dark Artz is committing to a lot, and if this current patch is any sign of what's to come, then it will be interesting to see how they attempt to rebuild it. The usual treatment for a game of Revelations's caliber is typically a ground up reboot, because sometimes it really is just better to scrap something and start fresh, hopefully Dark Artz can pull it off and create something great. With more time and proper development maybe Revelations 2012 can become more than just a shoddy knock off of Left for Dead 2, maybe. Much credit is due for Dark Artz attempting to fix their mistakes and make Revelations 2012 a game people actually want to play. However, anyone can get credit for putting their name at the top of the test, but you still have to put in the effort to spell it correctly.   read

8:16 PM on 07.11.2012

Revelations 2012 [review]

As much as I respect and love Jim as a journalist, there is one point I have to make about his review of Revelations 2012. Jim was wrong -- so wrong about the game, he couldn’t have possibly been further from the truth about this game. Revelations 2012 isn’t anywhere near as bad as Jim has made it out to be.

It’s worse.

Breaking your arm? Insta-death

Revelations 2012 (PC)
By: Dark Artz Entertainment

Even by reading the description on Steam’s storefront, this game screams of a cheap cash-in. The story is supposedly about how the end of the Mayan Calendar is upon us and the entire world has to be saved by a British archeologist with a southern accent and problems with overactive erectile dysfunction, and three other random white people of various issues. It is more than likely deeper than that, but due to nearly the entire story being contained in the opening sequence that found me nearly tossing my monitor into a crib full of small kittens, I had to stop watching. The rest of the storyline can essentially be summed up as murdering various Mayan gods so that you can steal their power and then murder even more “demons” that just happen to look very human.

After skipping the opening sequence, players will find themselves scrambling for the sound menu in hopes of turning down the maxed out menu music volume. While the sound option doesn’t work for any sort of menu volume, it will give you the chance to bind nearly all of your keys. Yup, primary fire, melee, and even quick switching weapons are not bound on first run, and even the secondary fire button is relegated to a mouse button that only exists on higher end mice. It is also worth noting that the entire menu is simply an Arial Bold reskin of the Left 4 Dead 1 menus, a theme that carries through the whole game. Once you have everything set, and a few gallons of liquor in hand, you might be able to start this terrible knockoff of Left 4 Dead.

If you love T-poses, you'll love this game.

Starting the game there are a few things that become apparent: any amount of water at all will slow the players to a crawl, and the fastest method of movement is to dance. Other facets of game play are simply appalling. The only weapon is bland and practically useless in quite a few situations, and while it does offer different firing modes, I found myself favoring the shotgun mode that is awarded for beating the first boss over anything else. Even with friends, the campaign is a mess that usually involves someone having to wait around the Mayan version of a closet to let out the poor fellow who got caught in the unstoppable death traps which are strewn about like bird food after a squirrel has made off with the feeder. The other portion of the time will mainly be spent running around like a mad man trying to find the crystal skulls and escape the horrid level design. While the campaign is supposed to be the meat and potatoes, the multiplayer takes what few things did work, and break them even further.

With three competitive multiplayer modes to choose from, Revelations 2012 tries to make players believe there is fun to be had outside of murdering hundreds of Mayans. Sadly however, the various modes are each more broken than the last. The only one that remotely works is the "team" deathmatch, and that is assuming everyone is aware that both players can't be human. Stasis mode is just the same thing, but set up like freeze tag with railguns instead. The final mode is supposed to be a strategic MOBA kind of thing, but it usually ends in who can slaughter the most Mayans first.

No matter what, everyone's arm will always remain at that odd angle.

Supposedly hope is on the way, with Dark Artz promising new content, and a completely revamped game sometime in the future. It will likely end up being an empty promise, considering the company's past interactions with the steam community. The drama behind the development team is enough to fill another blog on its own, and anyone interested can head to the game's steam forum for details.

There is a lot of profane and horrible things I could say about this game, but to simply sum up my eight hours of pure hell I have to say that this is the single worst piece of garbage ever made. With such fine mods for Left 4 Dead available to everyone for free there is literally no excuse to ever charge money for something like this.

As it stands, I refuse to even score this game. It is just that bad.

even oceans of Mountain Dew can't fix this game.   read

12:58 AM on 07.10.2012

Winners from the TF2 competition

Hey guys, I'm here to announce the winners from the TF2 competition.

We had twenty-two people sign up, sadly not all of them were able to win, but here is the list of winners and where they ranked overall.

Trophies ALL AROUND!

The full database for those who are interested.

1. Void-Haunter - 2191 points
2. Super Penguin M - 1536 points
3. DF - 1465 points
4. GoofierBrute - 1405 points
5. Tekbunny - 1041 points
6. Swishiee - 885 points
7. Sllobb - 679 points
8. Ninjapresident - 643 points
9. Shadow2398 - 525 Points (I am placed in to fill in the missing slot for team captains)
10. MrFish - 520 points
11. Styrr - 509 points
12. Skazfest - 361 points
13. Tarvu - 360 points
14. Lord of Thunder - 281 points
15. Robin Edgar - 157 points
16. Ev777 - 125 points
17. Monodi - 85 points
18. Qalamari - 3 points

- Otaconstfu - Did not play TF2
- KGameLover1 - Did not play TF2
- DrManik - Doesn't even own TF2
- Raynethebos - Doesn't have steam
- Kratoscrux - Wasn't a member in good standing

The following prizes will be awarded:

Haunter, Super Penguin, DF, GoofierBrute, and Tekbunny will be photoshopped into the TF2sday spray. Those of you to be made into the TF2sday image, please send Swishiee a decent image of your head. Since Haunter is first, he gets first choice in class and so forth. If you need to know what's left, look at this and tell me what class you want to be shooped onto.

All the contestants will compete in matches against one another as team captains with the lineup as follows:
Haunter Vs Super Penguin
DF Vs GoofierBrute
Tekbunny Vs Swishiee
Sllobb Vs NinjaPresident
Shadow2398 Vs MrFish
Styrr Vs Skazfest
Tarvu Vs Lord of Thunder
Robin Edgar Vs Ev777
Monodi Vs Qalamari

All qualified contestants will be invited to privately play the super meat boy map, times will be arranged with the players.

Since Haunter is a part of the development team, Super Penguin will be made into a character for the upcoming game Child Wrangler: le petit enfant de jour en Enfer.

The Winner of the Critically acclaimed Revelations 2012 is: Qalamari

Some people win, and then others win more.

All of the winners will be contacted soon, and look forward to more competitions from the fine folks over at the TF2 server.   read

9:49 PM on 06.25.2012

why avatar the airbender was the worst game ever

For your listening pleasure

I'm a huge fan of the last airbernder show, I'm aware of all the awesome reviews. so my opinion should not really matter.
The game starts out like the show, you fing Aang trapped in an iceberg, then you frees aang from the iceberg, sounds similar. You then bring aang back to your village, you soon realise it's your destiny to travel with aang so he can learn water bending, you go to aang's air temple in which he lived with the monks, when he goes there he realises that his people were killed in a war with the fire nation, aang then thows a huge tantrum going into the avatar state, you then calm him down, sounds like the show doesn't it? So you all travel to the northern water tribe with him so he can learn water bending.
Zuko wants to prove to his father that he's worthy enough by capturing the avatar, oh and I'm really happy he discusses his scar, the scar is clearly there, and I think it's pretty crappy how they made the fire nation cel shaded, it makes them look funny compared to everyone else.
Who cares if you play as everyone from the show at diffrerent times, but you know? its SO awesome, because they all kick so much ass.
The blue spirit scene is exactly like the show, and I mean EXACT. When they get to the northern water tribe you meet princess yue, whom you can fall in love with, but after the general kills one of the fishes within the fountain that gave them energy from the moon to bend, princess yue then sacrifices herself to the life that the fish gave her when she was a baby, which is why her hair is snow white, just like in the show. Zuko faces the general, aang goes into the avatar state and stops the wave from destroying the water tribe.

That's it, what else do you want? Sure they left bumi out, and they left out sokka's silliness, and its a terrible shame. The animations were god awful, the voice acting was non existant, the effects were literally cardboard cutouts, and it follows the story about as well as the movie. Fight scenes were boring, the bending rpg minigame was a pain and useuless, and appa and momo looked like the demonic hauntings of my childhood.

Overall, I think this game is extremly terrible, I gotta give props to EA for destroying my childhood, can't wait for the sequel to get buried in the desert next to ET the game!

Thank you for reading everyone! I'll be posting more blogs daily!   read

11:52 PM on 06.23.2012

Can you put the Team in TF2? [Competition]

UPDATE:The competition is now closed, results will be posted soon.

Hey Dtoid, Hank Hill here and as a few of you know I'm one of the admins over at the TF2 server. Well I had a crazy idea a few days ago and here it is. I have already installed a stat tracker, for the purpose of finding out who is the best among us. Why would I want to know who are the best TF2 players around? Simple, in the next two weeks I will be keeping track so I can reward them. Interested in getting something for playing a free game? Good.

So here's the deal, there are actually a couple of rewards for being in the top twenty on the server:
1) You will get to be a team captain for three rounds
1a) As a team captain you not only get to name the team, but you get to pick your players school yard pick style.

2) You will also be invited to play privately on the legendary Super Meat Boy map against some of the other top players.

3) And for the grand prize when the top two players have their match, the loser has to write a cblog about how awesome the other team (and its amazingly sexy and stunning captain) is, and how the loser fails so badly at TF2

4. Swishiee will photoshop the top five contestants into the TF2sdays spray and logo.

5. The top player will be put into the game Child Wrangler: le petit enfant de jour en Enfer

6. The lowest ranked player in the competition will receive a free steam copy of the critically acclaimed Revelations 2012

Server info:

Name: Destructoid
password: none

Think you can take arrows to the face with the best of 'em? Prove it.

Now before you guys start stuffing cotton in your stats there is a few ground rules I need to lay down:

- In order to be considered for this competition please post your steam name in the comments below so we have a way to contact the winners outside of steam.
- Team names are limited by TF2 itself to be only five characters long, so keep that in mind when picking, also if an admin has a problem with a team name you have to change it. It's a short list, so don't worry too much about it.
- Super Meat Boy can only handle four players at one time, so we will work with players to schedule time slots to play.
- Stats will be collected over the course of two weeks, and we will announce the winners before the TF2sday on July 10th, 2012
- If someone is found to be somehow cheating they will be punished, it shouldn't be an issue, but I have to say it.
- Haunter is the worst Pokemon ever.
- Potatoes
- Boners.   read

5:20 PM on 03.15.2011

Am I a gamer? [Longblog]

Earlier today I was watching Xplay on G4, and during the show they started answering questions that viewers had sent in, one of them was a serious question about what is a “true gamer”, which was promptly and sarcastically answered with a statement about your stereotypical COD player; the kind that leaves if the team is losing, if someone is better than them, they must obviously be cheating, etc. Now I know the show is just for fun, but why give such a stupid response to an actual serious question? In the end, it just makes all gamers look bad, and will only take away more respect from the show, from both non-gamers, and gamers alike. So instead I want to actually try and answer the question myself, and be more reasonable than just stating that gamers are all rage quitting assholes with no lives. So what is a gamer? We’ve all been asked that question at some point, and everyone almost always has a different answer to it. On a very basic level, a gamer could very well be described as; any person who likes to play a variety of video games for entertainment. It’s a simple definition that could cover almost any type of gamer, from the hardcore, the casual, and even the average joe.

Now a simple basic description of a gamer is fine, but it doesn’t begin to even touch the colorful and immensely wide variety of gamers out there, take for example the lowly casual gamer. From your mom and grandma playing bejeweled, to your dad and uncles playing wii sports, casual gamers are everywhere it seems, and unlike most of the hate they tend to receive from some of the more vocal and hardcore players, there is nothing wrong with them. Where is that magic line that separates a casual player from just your average one? Well that is a tricky question, and it really varies from person to person, but an easy way to answer that is to just ask them, how much time to you spend playing games, and what games do you play? If they really don’t play games often, or really only tend to play games along the lines of the pickup and play genre, like bejeweled, plants vs zombies, and Mystery Case Files, to name a few. Typically a more casual player just wants to play and have fun, without thinking too much or having to be really competitive, and nobody can blame them for that.

On the other end of the spectrum we have the hardcore gamer, the most competitive of the competitive, and they tend to be the most vocal of any others. So makes a hardcore gamer the grizzled veteran of a thousand virtual wars? There are a few things that could possible label someone as “hardcore,” such as the constant drive to get all the achievements/trophies for a single game, the need to have an insanely high K/D ratio in every match, or even just wanting to complete a game on the very hardest difficulty possible. The hardcore gamer often represents the type of player who will accept nothing less than perfection and is far more likely to rage about not getting it. In my experiences there are even further sub-types of hardcore players, but that is a blog for another day. However, I will say that more often than not, playing with hardcore players can be a blast, assuming they aren’t complete junkies for perfection. As vocal as the toughest gamers tend to be, the industry would be nothing without its largest support, the average player.

What makes an average gamer average? Well, it could be anything really, that is the beauty of the average gamer. From playing games like call of duty for the hell of it, to playing the mlg playlist on halo, the average gamer covers pretty much everything in between the hardcore and the casual. Sure it’s a generic cop out of trying to define the space between the two extremes, but there isn’t enough space in the blogs to give it any sort of real justice. In truth, if you don’t really know where you fit in as a gamer, it’s more than likely you are among the many, many average players, who all play all sorts of games for a wide variety of reasons. All around there are vastly different kinds of people, and it is amazing to see the rich community that games have created all across the world.

As surprising as it was, having watched xplay give a crap response to a serious question inspired me to write this wall of text, and I might go further into the different stereotypes with another blog at a later date. If anyone has anyone else has any complaints, or questions, feel free to fire away, I would love to hear your opinions about my thoughts.   read

5:40 PM on 11.15.2010

Invader Attack (An indie game no one has ever heard of)

Hi Dtoid, This is my first C-blog, so here goes nothing,

Well, today as I was reading some tweets from Notch, he mentioned that an indie developer called him out for being a part of a large scam and was in cahoots with some really really, really, bad dudes. Dudes so bad, I had never even heard of them. In the end, the poor fellow just seems confused and was talking out of his rump with no thought about it.

As it turns out, CoderGames (AKA Aleksandar Vidakovic), is looking for some more reviews for his ten dollar masterpiece; Invader Attack. I figure I'll give the demo a shot and see what happens:

Invader Attack is simply a twist on the old space invaders formula, except this game is no where near as fun. Considering what this game attempts to emulate, I won't gripe about minor details, unless they have a massive impact on the gameplay itself.

One of the two demo videos

Let's start off with a nice list of everything this ten dollar work of art has to offer.

The features (taken directly from the site):

* Artificial intelligence that learns your moves and tactics
* Different invader types and behaviors
* 19 different types of vessels
* 10 different areas and backgrounds
* 100 different levels
* 7 different power-ups, good and bad
* 3D graphics
* Physics that makes destroying those invaders fun
* Cinematic music and exploding sound effects
* Unique scoring system, it evaluates your performance
* 24/7 online hiscore (unless the server is down)

And how was the game really you ask? Well about that.....

I didn't get past level five, I will admit that I am really rusty when it comes to a space invader-styled shooter, but my god, I tried for about a couple hours to get farther than level three, and when I finally did, at level five I was killed pretty much instantly by a new type of enemy.

behold a boss fight.

What works:
There are some very nice touches to the game that make it promising, but a pretty bow on a pile of shit still makes it a pile of shit. This is a list of the few things that I actually liked.

-Graphics: This was pretty straightforward, the enemies, and the main ship itself, they all looked nice and pretty considering the art style, the background was rather generic however.

-The variation: There is supposed to be a ton of variation in the game, but since all I have to go on is the in-game help, and some videos and screen shots, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. With 18 different enemy types, there would probably be a nice mix up of enemies over the course of the game.

-Music and sounds: They are what they are, and they sounded good, although the music got annoying after a while, but I can't fault the game for only having one track of music playing for the first few levels.

-Leaderboards: an obligatory, but nice touch, and with the rule in place that only scores higher than your previous best being accepted by the server make it fair for everyone.

-Physics: That's right, there is some physics in a 2D styled shooter, and they were kinda neat, when they worked....

Oh course, not everything is all peaches and cream...

Amazing stellar boss fights!!!?!!!?!?!?!?!?!

What could use some work:
Basically, there is a few things that aren't broken, but they could use a little love.

-HUD: being a simple game, there is no HUD, and that is the problem, the only time you even see that your ship has been damaged is literally right as it is about to get blown to bits, and even then its just a small cloud of smoke coming out of the back. Is some sort of health bar too much to ask for?

-Scoring: Score is based more on style and not kills, and while that is fine and dandy, the cutoffs for any sort of real bonus are rather insane. I can understand a nice challenge, but due to the time it takes to kill the most basic enemy, the difficulty curve for bonuses is pretty steep.

-Controls: The controls are really simple, and there is even support for a gamepad. Now if it didn't feel like the ship was flying through molasses the entire time, it would be much better.

Oh, it gets better, if this was opposite day on Mars with "better" being the password into the hottest club this side of the sun.

Every enemy you meet will be recorded in the gallery, not that you actually care.

What is this, I don't even?
Ok, here it is; the worst of the worst;

-Enemies: So, how in the hell am I supposed to kill something when my little pew pew laser barely makes the enemy fleet finch? I can't say anything about the AI since I didn't exactly live long enough to get into the levels where it might actually have an effect.

-Difficulty: its a shooter, its hard, I get it, but really? For a "casual" game, I don't exactly have the time or patience to go from the first level to the last in one sitting. Three lives are no big deal if there is some sort of safety net, like a certain score at the end of a level granting another life, but having to rely only on getting the one powerup that awards a new life isn't that hard, right? oh wait...

-Powerups: they do practically nothing, and that is assuming you are able to catch one of the damn things, and you were lucky enough that it was a good powerup, and not one that kills you instantly.

-Physics: When an enemy is shot, they might flinch a little, when you get shot, you stop dead, and lose all momentum. While dealing with a few enemies it isn't that big of a deal to dodge their fire, but when the AI decides to have everyone shoot all at once, those stops from being hit once are an instant death sentence.

Everything is such a nice shade of grey, isn't it?

In the end Invader Attack had a lot of potential, it really did, but it fell flat everywhere, I would more than happily let a lot slide if it was a free game that was merely a hobby project from a developer, sadly, its not. This is indeed a commercial product, and one that is supposed to be sold for nine dollars, and that alone is the final nail in the coffin.

If the full game was released for free I would be happy to give the game, flaws and all a very nice: 5.1/10

But since it is a paid, fully functioning commercial product, I have to give it a score to reflect the price, the low, low, low, low price of: 9/100

*Note all images were used liberally without permission from the codergames site, seeing as I could not stand the game long enough to take my own screenshots.   read

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