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3:28 AM on 10.31.2008

Destructoid Printable Masks

Need that last minute costume for that last minute Halloween party that you just found out about three minutes ago?
Ya, need a costume?
You could always go as that guy in casual clothes, or maybe that person with a T-shirt.
Both equally great and frightening costumes.

However if you really wanna impress your friends with your last minute expertise then try the new and amazing Destructoid printable mask.

Download here

Using a pair of scissors and some string you too can have this instantly ready mask for all your last minute costume parading.

Act now and get these two bonus masks absolutely free!


Download here

Mario SNES

Download here

A last minute thing I fixed up at the last minute.
Had plans to make one sometime early but I ended up putting it off, though I was fiddling around and ended up making some pretty fast and figured I'd go ahead and give em out.
Some clipping may occur so work it out with your printer.
Glossy and no border options are best.
If you can't find string, try duct tape, or even a cardboard box + duct tape combination.
Your on your own figuring out where the eye holes go. Shouldn't be too hard.
Just remember to cut the holes in first, before you put the mask on.
Trust me, that's bound to hurt.
As far as I'm concerned its all open source. I just felt like putting my tag on it.
You can find the PSD file with all three masks HERE.
Do what you like with it.

Have fun and Happy Halloween everybody.   read

10:28 PM on 09.24.2008

Totally a Ninja

I am totally a Ninja. Only Real True Ninjas write Dtoid blogs with REAL TRUE Ninja skills.
Just think about it. They are hosting a contest about ninjas. How can one judge other ninjas without being ninjas themselves?
So no doubt they are also ninjas and use Dtoid blog writing ninja skills.
Much like I am.
Only a real ninja would realize this.


/ \
/ \
| |
| |
/ \
| O |

Its a Kunai.
Awesome yes?
Oh yes I know, totally.

Ok serious now.
This is my Entry to the Destructoid Ninja Skills contest.
I made a video using my awesome ninja skills with my awesome ninja puppet showing how to preform awesome ninja skills.
It was fun to make even though alot of my ideas had to be cut. As it always is with film making.
I used my own voice talents, though my better quality sound equipment decided not to work for me so I just did some recordings on my comp at the last minute.
So excuse some small pops and hisses.
Actually no, thats my awesome ninja aura making the hair pop and fizzel under my heavy amounts of ninja power.
Ya, POP Hiss. Super ninja power.

I did want to wear that Dtoid mask I made and shoot lazers from my eyes, but alas, I stuck to ninja stuff.

If anyone may have had a chance to try my Blast Works level from the Dtoid Blast Works contest, you'll noticed I reused my Mr.Dtoid pixel work a bit there too.

Also I borrowed some music and sound clips from Shinobi 3 for the Sega Genesis.
One of my favorite Shinobi games.

Oh and a special thanks to the Coffee Zone for letting me do some recording in their shop.
Great local coffee shop.
Also my trained ninja cats.

Hope you all enjoy this silly video.


Higher Quality Version via Youtube.

Edit: Youtube link added. Will try to fix the Dtoid blog video later.   read

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