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11:22 PM on 03.24.2008

Topic of the day. SQUARE EDITION.

So, I'm reading up about Crisis Core. And I gotta admit, I'm digging the style and it looks like its turning out to be a good game in a sea of PSP crap. But my question is, is Square over the hill? For every 1 new final fantasy game, theres 5 spinoffs and 5 remakes. I understand people want to play these remakes and they sell, but what about 7, 8, 9 remakes? I'm not a huge fan of 7 I thought the gameplay was a little slow (and yet I love 8 go figure) but the story was very very good, and I gotta ask why haven't they announced a 7 remake? They want money, and you want 7 with new graphics. Why isn't this announced and being made?

At this point, its not really a question of if, but when. I'm thinking 2010 we will have a remake of 7 (on the ps3) but I dunno I could be really off.

So who else is buying Crisis Core?   read

12:10 AM on 03.23.2008

My brawl rules from this day forth.

I read a recent post by a guy named Cutie Honey (link here) and I recently changed the rule set for my house, and the tourneys I run. Heres the basic rule set.

4 stock limit
8 min time
Smash Balls ON (I'll explain why)
and only certain stages (I don't feel like finding the real names for each, so basically its like Corneria, Pokemon Stadium 1 and 2, Final D, Battlefield, and so on)

So I've come to the conclusion that Smash Balls are great, and heres why. When Sakurai made this game, he came up with a different smash for each character. It's become obvious to me, that when he was tweaking stats, defenses, moves, these final smashes HAD to have come into conclusion when balancing each and every character. This stands true for characters like Meta-knight who has a great speed, low damage, great skills, great recovery, mediocre smash. And you com-pair to other characters its apparent these smashes should be used in tourney play. Now someone will say, items suck, no tourney should use them. And I AGREE ITEMS to me should not be used, BUT Smash Balls is not a 1 pickup item, you have to HIT the ball, multiple times and even then you can lose it if your adversary hits you hard enough to knock it out.

These final smashes I hope will play an intricate part of official Brawl tournies and should effect the tier list considerably. Brawl SHOULD have some random because thats how this game is balanced and created. And after putting in over 60 hours of brawl already this really is the most fun I've had. I hope MLG and whoever looks at the Smash Balls and says hey, Sakurai balanced characters around their final smashes, so for us NOT to use them would purposely unbalance the game worse then it might already be. Comment what you think, if you disagree tell me why I want some discussion on this.[url]   read

5:06 PM on 03.21.2008

Not My Turning Point Gaming Rig

Without further ado, I present to you my dinning room and living room. Before you look apon my apartment I will tell you now, I spent all my money on my TV, and games. My house is so bare but I enjoy my 42 inch a lot so I think i got my priorities right :)


my messy computer monitor, which an older monitor sitting behind it(I use to duel screen but I'm to lazy now)

It originally was an Acer my mom bought, but it broke so I took the insides out, and rebuilt it using the case.

yes that is a 42 inch sharp on a 35 inch floor model from the 70s. Once I bought the TV I didn't have enough for the TV stand. Its scrub looking I know.

Yes thats a Wii sitting on top of a Eternal Sonata face platted 360. And those are sitting on a chair, Like I said, I really need a TV stand.

These pictures were all taken on my Blackberry Curve phone, so its only 2.0 Mega pixel so yes the quality sucks and I apologize.   read

2:58 PM on 03.21.2008

Why Dr Pepper is great and Chrono trigger

Does your Soda have 23 Flavors FUCK NO IT DOESN'T so thats why Dr Pepper fucking rapes Coke, Deepthroats(please read my edit underneath) Pepsi, and shits all over you're favorite drink.

ok on a different note, I still have my Chrono trigger with Factory Shrink still nice and tidy and I need money anyone want a near Perfect Chrono trigger?

Edit: The reason I threw Deepthroats in there is because I'm annoyed at how every time I try to get a Dr. Pepper from a Restaurant they say sorry, We don't carry Pepsi Products.

Heres the wiki site at this current time it is neither owned by Pepsi nor Coke. And it pisses me off Dr. pepper "deepthroats" the Pepsi brand as Its almost fucking impossible to get a Dr P in a coke "establishment." Now that I think about it, last time I got a DP from a restaurant was McDonalds which subsequently has Coke, odd.   read

4:13 PM on 03.20.2008

I need a blog header

Title says it all, I need an actually blog header for this blog, if anyone is willing to make me one (compensated or not) just leave me a comment or PM me on AIM Druggedouthooker (yes its weird shush)   read

3:20 AM on 03.20.2008

So, my first brawl tourney is over.

And I must say, it went decent. Overall we had 9 people (10 if you include me) and we covered enough for the prize. I didn't make any, but thats not the point of this thing. One thing I will say though, brawl in competition is completely different then casual. I played Melee a few times in tourneys and ran really well, not really thinking about camping, and being overall vicious as a 16 year old gear who just had her prom date taken by the "hotter chick." So overall I played Olimar and pretty much destroyed the competition until I ran into a Meta Knight player. This guy was, let me put this out, COCKY. Every time you die, taunt, every time he hits you taunt, every time you make a mistake, taunt. I swear to god I was ready to beat this kid into submission. But anyways I decided I'll let my play do the talking, and this is where the fun, and my dislike of this game begins.

Pros and Cons to Meta Knight.

AMAZING Aerial attacks
Great Recovery

No KO power
No power

Now as playing as Olimar I thought I had ok recovery good range all the good stuff to beat almost anyone when it comes down to skill, but boy was I wrong. I wil throw this out, I lost. Period I lost to this sub-par Meta Knight player, and you might say your being bitter, and damn your ass I am. But heres the thing, I didn't lose to skill, I didn't even make any mistakes. When it was all said and done I lost by 1 life. And let me tell you how I lost, he perfect edge grabbing, Period. He would simply knock you off level, juggle a little (not even good at this) and then knock you to side and grab level. If you try to come back, he attacks you to keep you away. Say good night to almost 90% of the characters out there who don't have amazing recoveries.

Now let me again say, Do you see a problem with this? Yes Meta knight has no KO abilities, but who needs KO when you can grab ledge and keep them off at 80%? You don't need to KO someone, just keep them off, and thats where this game is starting to piss me off. None of us play like this, and I feel personally its bad taste. Yes he won the tourney, but let me say again, he killed me 4 times by doing this tatic(he got me once by a normal KO which I was at 160%) So I think its kinda insane to give Meta knight all these abilities but his only downfall isn't really a downfall when you edge grab like he did. It almost doesn't make a lot of sense. I felt like playing Meta knight in this way gives him zero downfalls. Overall I wanted to semi rant and put that out. Thoughts opinions agree disagree? Overall I felt cheated, but I did play a lot better then him. 4 deaths by edge grabbing, oh well I guess I'll have to go for peoples throats next time and not let them back on the ledge(oh fyi I destroyed his friend earlier in tourney and I even apologized because i grabbed ledge by accident thus giving him a death, I guess some people will always play to win.)   read

11:36 PM on 03.18.2008

To rickrick3422

So today I posted my phone number in one of my blogs. A lot of people said I was brave but whatever, overall it was an awesome experence as I had a great phone conversation with Ron (one of the co founders from Dtoid it self) and hopefully I can meet up with him sometime and get together (hes from N KY pretty close to where I live) But tonight I had another great phone convo from I guess someone from

I must commend you did all the right phone tricks, getting in a Battletoad game request, and saying I'm rick rolled, then playing the music. Overall very enjoyable, and hope you post a comment :) anyways have a good night :)   read

1:52 PM on 03.18.2008

Topic of the Day Volume 3 edition

So, topic of the day is here, so I pose this retro question.

Out of all the old school games you enjoyed in your younger days, which game will incure your wrath the fastest when someone slams?

Personally, I enjoyed Final Fantasy 8 a lot. I thought the game play was fun, it did have flaws, but I thought the story and game play made it a great game. Overall I try to defend it when I hear someone slam the game (which does happen often) but there's so many 8 haters out there its almost imposable to defend it from everyone, but alas my fight continues.

FF8 WAS AN OK GAME! there I said it (waiting for the bullets to fly)   read

11:54 AM on 03.18.2008

Calling all Cincinnati Brawlers!


Just wanted to give you guys a heads up, I personally will be running Super Smash brothers Brawl tourneys at the Gamecity in Newport(its in the Levee near AMC) Its 5 bucks to enter, and the winner gets 50 in store credit. They are allowing me to host it, as such this is not ran nor endorsed by Gamecity and we are only looking for some fun competitiveness to expand the player base of this great game. Please come down show support.

I personally will be supplying the Wii, it has every staged and characters unlocked so you don't need to worry about not playing your fav character! Heres the rules I most likely will run.

Stock 5 with 8 minute time limit
All characters are open for play
Can not change from Basic controls UNLESS you want to turn Up to jump OFF.
1v1 Final Destination Only.

If we get enough people and have enough fun, we could run 2v2s or free for alls. Again we NEED people to show up to run this, so if we don't get enough its no go.

It is Tuesdays (tonight) at 5:30. I know its short notice, but these will be ran EVERY Tuesday, so if you can't make it thats fine, just post in thread so I can tell them more will show next time.


If you have any questions, call me 513-325-8176 :)


I just wanted to post this up, I posted it in and wanted to try and get some more exposure for my tourneys. If you live in Cincy area and don't know where Newport Kentucky is, just give me a call, I'll be willing to give you directions :)   read

9:59 AM on 03.16.2008

Topic of the day #2

Alright, so here we are again, topic of the day. Yes topic one was a bad question per sorts and I apologize so here I am again ready to make amands with a new topic. What were your top three games from 2007? (I was going to make it top game but then I realised I couldn't even pick my favorite so I decided on three)

And what were you least 3 favorite?

1.Puzzle Quest(my favorite RPG of all time? Maybe, but this and Mass Effect were by far my favorite experences)
2.Mass Effect(Lesbian sex need I say more? My finacee throughly loved this scene)
3.Skate (I'ved hated Tony hawk games for a long time so this game really brought back a lot of fond memories and overall was very enjoyable.)

Honorable Mention
Half Life Orange Box (best deal for a video game ever? Most likely, every game in this pack is straight out A+)

1.Soldier of Fortune Payback (terrible online I played the ps3 version, bad storyline, not much going for this game at all)
2.Lair(biggest dissapointment of 2007? I'll leave that to Assassins Creed* but still horrible)
3.Halo 3(not a bad game, but this game did disapoint, I loved Halo 1 and was hoping it would go back more to those roots then the more run and gun style of Halo 2. Still a good game but a disapoint none the less.)

*Assassins Creed is a very fine game, but personally I follwed this game sense E3 when it was orginally announced and couldn't wait for this game. The game is good, but repetitive and needed some more work, like I said average game, but I was hoping for the next coming of Jesus with this game. So I pretty much gave it expectations it could never live up to unfortnally.   read

1:43 PM on 03.14.2008

Topic of the day.

Heres what I like to call, my topic for the day segment. I ran this on a few other blogs, and it worked pretty well.

Everyday I will ask everyone (this is my replacement word for yall) a fun question, if you want to respond feel free thats what this is for, getting people together and having fun! I will try to do this everyday, but it might be every other, just check back. Anyways heres my first.

What will be the best game of 2008?

You don't need to explain why if you don't want to, but theres your topic now COMMENT GO GO.

My choice will be SSBB obviouslly, I'm do addicted its kinda scary.   read

12:42 PM on 03.14.2008

A newbie guide to Cpt Olimar.

This guide is very long, I didnt cover everything I suggest going to this link this is a very good quickie guide. thanks for the comments looks good! :)

Standard Move Set
First move we going to cover is his standard B move. This basically just pulls Pikmin out of the ground, it does no damage and has no use for battle, used best when enemy dies or is off the level to restock. Make sure to have 6 at ALL TIMES. I can't stress that enough, he uses them as a basis for everything he does and you really need 6. If you have less say goodbye to his recovery and his Up B move is severely weakened.

Next will be B down. If you've ever played the game Pikmin, it does a little rainbow sweral around your character. To a new player you might be like wtf is this for? Well its to call his Pikmin back immedity. I personally done use it very often unless I see my self flying off level, always always always use before you try to latch on side when trying to get back on, if you don't one of your Pikmin might be "out of range" to help the team latch on, so using this will immedity bring him into range and give you that little extra distance he might need.

Next move is Over and B. This move is very interesting and use-full when used correctly. I will be going through what each Pikmin does when thrown basically showing how good each is and when to use this move. But beyond that the basic move is, you throw a Pikmin it latches on and attacks the enemy. If he does nothing if will continue for a long time racking up good damage. The enemy will have to puck kick do something and it will instantly knock the Pikmin off. Another good tidbit you can have more then one Pikmin on a character at once time thus doubling damage, very use-full when playing a defensive game.

Up B, this move is frankly downright amazing. If not the hardest to master and control move in the ENTIRE game. It does OK damage at 6% (when both characters at 0% 0%) but the real beauty of this move is the fact if your enemy is flying upwards and you have confidence you can hit them, they can go flying even higher and they have ZERO chance to hit you back. If you have 6 Pikmin and you use this move you have a HUGE range advantage against the person flying off screen. Biggest downfall is how hard it is to hit as its a small area. Master this move before going to a tourney with Olimar and you should see you wrecking people easy.

Learning what his Pikmin Do.

Each Pikmin of a different color mostly has a type element. So let me run through the basics of each of his different Pikmin.

You can tell by guessing what most type of the element is by just the color, this is yellow so we go with electric. The yellow Pikmin are good for throwing as they do a decent 16% (the numbers I ran with were full durations of the Pikmin being on the enemy and only 1 as you can have more then one Pikmin on a character, but this is just a rough number to show how good/bad it is overall) When its on an enemy it does a OK 2% damage per "tick" (thats the term I use for Pikmin latching on and attacking) The yellow Pikmin have an ok range while throwing as its medium weight. Overall yellow are good when in air for using his up A and down A attacks, very nice splash damage if you can hit an enemy overall good Pikmin to use no downfall.

I will come out and say Blue, Yellow and Red are the same, everything I said for yellow apply for Blue and Red. Biggest difference is, Blue is not Elemental and just hits the enemy. He has same size as Yellow and does 2% tick per hit. Overall no down-falls like yellow.

Again Red has same properties like yellow, but is fire, overall good splash damage.

Finally I can show how different some of his Pikmin can be. Purple is by far the fattest and by this the "hardest" to throw. It has short range, and no elemental damage. If your enemy has a high % damage and you throw one of these guys so goodbye. He is pure knock back and little damage. (he does 5%) Also be away he can NOT latch on and do tick damage. He is more or less a projectile of knocking. Overall good for using in your smash attacks, and can give you little extra knock just enough to kill the other character earlier than you might be used to.

Here is the best Pikmin for throwing by FAR. he does 4% per tick. And if he stays on for full duration he does 48% really great. Get 2 of these bad boys one 1 character and say hello to easy damage. He is the lightest so you can throw him the furthest by far, so watch you don't throw him over edge. He does purple poison and is mediocre for anything else besides throwing. His smashes are ok, but weaker then yellow, red blue, but overall you'll want at-lest one in your arsenal for throwing.

Everything Else I didn't cover

So here we are almost at the end of my little guide. I will cover some more things fast so lets do this quick as my hands are starting to fall off.

Olimars grabs are ranged as he uses Pikmin to run over and grab, very good at throwing your enemy a curve ball. Again each Pikmin does different Elemental and this will happen also in your grab so beware of that also.

ALL of his smashes are ranged as he send a Pikmin flying, be aware that elemental will again come into play, and his smashes is really where he shines, he has low defense but if you can use his Pikmin right you shouldn't have a problem keeping an enemy from hitting you. Pikmin are your key to winning so always pay attention to how many you have and I can't stress learn to Micro-manage.

Learn to LOVE his down A smash. It spreads out in all directions, and has a GREAT range. It has pretty good knock, and this is something a lot of people don't know. You can use this as a shield against projectiles. If someone throws something and you use this, the Pikmin will take the hit and leave you standing with 0% damage. VERY VERY USEFULL. Remember this and learn to time it correctly against different projectiles. Just another reason why you shouldn't be getting touched.

Heres a good tip I learned for seeing the order of his Pikmin. Just jump, it spreads them out and you can see clearing what is coming up next. Might be annoying to do in heat of battle but when your alone on level easiest and quickest way.

Beyond that just learn his dodges and stuff like that you should be golden for 1v1. Heres another quick Rundown

All attacks are range
Great Smashes
OK speed, but enough to keep you out of harms way
Lots of Variety
Up B best in game * this is based on knock ability and the enemy literally having no defense against it*

Weak Defense
Requires a great player to Micro-mange his Pikmin
Needs to be mastered to become a power house
His recovery isn't always the greatest.
Lucas can outrange and go THROUGH Pikmin thus hitting you. PLAY DEFENSIVE against this character.

So there you have it, a quick guide or really a long guide. But whatever hope you enjoyed. Give me some feedback. If you would like another character throwing it up in comments and I will see what I can do. I don't always main everyone but I do play everyone to learn everyones move set and how to defeat them. So thanks again! :)   read

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