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Ok, so let me go first by saying, this game is hard. Not just hard, hard as in. In your face, no idea wtf is going on please god save me hard. The game I'm talking about is Solstice for the NES. Now I'm sure SOMEONE has heard of this game and if you haven't let me bring you into my hell.

Solstice nes

you got to admit the box art looks good for a NES game

For a more indepth look/review of this game go here

Let me first say, I was around 8 yeard old when my mom bought me this game. If you've read the review at all this game is not hard per say, but frustrating. There is almost zero story. When when your thrown into the world, you have ZERO guidence. It doesn't even get you started on a path. Theres no saves, and the game is LONG. So you must be it in 1 sitting. Hell, looking back at the game, the only chance I ever had to beat it was when I was using my game genie. But again, I can't remember EVER beating this game. Hell I don't even want to download a rom to play it. This game literally almost made me hate video games.

Heres a speed run of the game

This game almost ended my gaming passion, and if anyone out there has played this game, what did you think of it? Good bad? Personally I want to stab anyone who had a hand in creating this game.

-sev out

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