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Hey dtoid, I'm still lurking so don't worry I'm not dead. But I recently have become interested in trying Google latitude. Unfortunately none and I mean NONE of my friends and family is tech savvy at all, so I'm left on the outs. I will be using my Blackberry Storm with this device which kinda sucks because the APP wasn't made for BB yet so its not 100% GPS but its decently close. I was wondering if anyone else wanted to exchange info and try the APP out.

my email is just add me and I'll accept, I'm not to worried about people knowing where I am, only thing I need to worry about is how my awesomeness will pull people to me. But ANYWAYS yeah I wanted to grab some friends and try this app out. Thanks!

Oh and also I got a job blogging for So please people check that out and support the WoW addiction. You should see a few of my posts popping up in the coming days! Beyond that I'm going back to Skate 2.

5:53 AM on 11.10.2008

First I want to say, I don't think I'll ever be done with the gamer community. But I truely believe I've hit the "wall." The wall I speak of it which I do not care any more. I could care less about games almost at this point. I still play as much as I ever have, but I don't comment, I don't try to post blogs (proof is from the last blog) I've continued to lurke. But I haven't checked the community boards. I don't goto IGN, Kotaku, WoW insider. I have taken this road of I shall not care when such and such game comes out any more. The ONLY game I was hyped for was the force unleashed and that was an amazing 5 minutes (get my joke?) of gameplay. Hell I didn't even know about this whole DSi thing till a week ago. Getting me to buy a game is almost impossible now. Wrath is coming out soon, and I've been an avid WoW player sense day 1. But I don't think I'm going to buy it. Gow2 looks fine, but I just don't care.

Its not like I've found some new hobby or something to occupy my time, if that was the case I wouldn't still be up at 7am writing a blog for the first time in months about my inability to care about video games. I don't know the next big title, no I don't care about Halo 4, FF 13, LBP. I want to play Fallout 3 but I can't bring my self to spend 60 dollars on a game. I do play Warhammer a lot now which is a GREAT time kill. but if my computer suddenly died and I couldn't play I don't think I would shed a tear. I still love the community and can't wait for the next NARP in my area. My question is has anyone else just stopped caring? I mean sure I know a good game when I see it, but when it comes to the games coming out, and stuff like that I just cant get excited any more. This has been going on for a good 4 months so I don't know if its me or just because games suck nowadays

Sry for the crappy blog its 7am I'm tired and I was just wanting to express some feeling about where I'm at in video games.

In happy video game news Cod5 beta is pretty fun (please stop sending me invites to Gow2 I will kill all of you)

Most people when it comes to "The Start of the Affair." They mention a game, and some experience that goes along with that game. To me my start was not a single game, but an experience with gaming that drove my anticipation up to a level I've never felt in my entire life.

The story starts (like a lot of you) two months before that glorious holiday known as "Christmas." When I was growing up I don't really remember if it was the marketing or the fact my grandparents bought my cousin and me a SNES to keep at their house, but beyond anything else in the world I wanted a Sega Genesis.

that may or may not be my copy of Barbie

I already had a NES, and a Gameboy, but this feeling of NEED for this console was beyond anything I've ever felt. During this time period I also realized that Sega (the new savior of man) Came out with their own hand-held to combat the Gameboy. I was picking my team for the upcoming battle, and I chose Sega. This Christmas I needed a Sega Genesis and a Gamegear. The Year was 1993 and I was only 7 at the time (by this time I remember playing NES sense the age of 3 with my mom). Being 21 its hard to believe I still have this vivid memory what where we where and how I went about the conversation. I was an only child, and I played that to my advantage many times.

shit son its got COLOR

The story continues with an in passing conversation me and my mother had. I didn't really think I would get a Genesis OR a Gamegear, but I mentioned it anyways. My mother listened and just smiled and said "Ok lets see what Santa brings." My mom was a gamer (and still is although she likes PC puzzle games the best) and she only had me to spoil rotten so unknowing to me this Christmas would be ingrained in my memory for the rest of my life. Christmas at my house were by far the worst thing ever. My grandparents lived about 2 hours away, and I was not allowed to open ANYTHING until they arrived. It was hard falling asleep and then I had to sit there with the presents in front of me taunting me, most of the time I wouldn't be able to open ANYTHING until 11am or even later depending on traffic.

So I awake early morning and stumble down get some OJ (like I said this is ingrained in my memory to a T) and started watching some TV. By this time I was smart enough to not sit there crying and I tried to pretend this was just any normal day. My mom on the other hand was going to start something that will last until my dieing breath. This Christmas my mom started a new tradition (that would include many other game gifts including Zelda OoT) she decided she was going to give my one gift early, and this gift turned out to be none other then a Sega Gamegear. I went nuts, what else would you do? One of the things you wanted more than anything in this world was yours, I knew I would be on cloud 9 for the rest of the day.

After about an hour and a half of tinkering with my new toy, my grandparents finally arrived and when I heard the door open it was time for presents, and they were already getting ready for the oncoming barrage of paper, and ribbons to be thrown without delay. After examining all the gifts I noticed something odd about two of the gifts, they said do open last. I was curious, but thought nothing more about it. After about 20 mins of delight it came down to the final two. One looked like a big box the other a smaller box. So I just picked the smaller leaving my self up to a great surprise at the end.

So I tear into the smaller box, but I learn its not a small box. Its 3 small boxes, and they appear to be hard plastic. I turn it over, and I notice it says Aladdin on it....and Then I said words that will be ingrained in my memory forever. "Mom this is for a Sega Genesis, I don't have a Sega Genesis." If you could see my face I'm sure you could see my brain working in overdrive to comprehend what was going down. I turned and just exploded as I ripped open the bigger box, sure enough it was the Sega Genesis I longed for. First game I played on my Genesis was Aladdin and I loved every minute of it.

If anything made me addicted to gaming, this would be step 1.

Ok, so let me go first by saying, this game is hard. Not just hard, hard as in. In your face, no idea wtf is going on please god save me hard. The game I'm talking about is Solstice for the NES. Now I'm sure SOMEONE has heard of this game and if you haven't let me bring you into my hell.

Solstice nes

you got to admit the box art looks good for a NES game

For a more indepth look/review of this game go here

Let me first say, I was around 8 yeard old when my mom bought me this game. If you've read the review at all this game is not hard per say, but frustrating. There is almost zero story. When when your thrown into the world, you have ZERO guidence. It doesn't even get you started on a path. Theres no saves, and the game is LONG. So you must be it in 1 sitting. Hell, looking back at the game, the only chance I ever had to beat it was when I was using my game genie. But again, I can't remember EVER beating this game. Hell I don't even want to download a rom to play it. This game literally almost made me hate video games.

Heres a speed run of the game

This game almost ended my gaming passion, and if anyone out there has played this game, what did you think of it? Good bad? Personally I want to stab anyone who had a hand in creating this game.

-sev out

7:48 PM on 05.29.2008

I don't know if anyone else out there has seen the show called "The Guild" but man the show is really funny and well written. Its a youtube only thing (although they are making a season 1 dvd) I suggest going on their website
it has the first full season for enjoyment. Each show is about 4-7 mins long. Go go now, tell me what you think, I watched the first season and enjoyed it a lot.

So, it really is a "Wonderful World" isn't it? No, I'm not talking about the Earth, I'm talking about the recent DS RPG to hit the American shores. "The World Ends with you" (the American title) is a freshing DS game to hit on April 22. Your basic RPG creator Square is back to suck you in or will it spit you out? Read on to find out.

First let me say this game is totally wild, its not your basic RPG from Square Enix it feels like they finally put some hard thought into using the true unique abilities with your DS(unlike a lot of basic rehashes I've seen pop up). Its a very refreshing story, something you expect from Square and the graphics/cell shading looks GREAT on the DS. When it comes down to RPG most of the time your wondering, is the story going to be the real draw of this game, or will the combat for once step up?

The bottom screen uses your touch pad while doing moves based on what "pins" you have equipped. Some will have you draw lines in open spaces, others will have you slash at emeries or even cars and items in the level. The basic premise of the combat is to alternate between the screen having a green blob/puck move between your characters adding up bonus damage. The top screen is used by using the face or d pad buttons. You have certain combos for the top screen character and the point is to finish your combo to guess a "card" There's 3 cards you need to guess and once you guess all 3 you open up your "fusion" AKA summon.

There's so much in the game, I feel like I haven't even touched the tip of the scale for this game, but I gotta say after playing for about 6-7 hours already this game still feels fresh and the combat is hectic enough to keep you definitely in the game. If your DS isn't getting enough play recently you NEED to pick this game up, between the story (which I didn't talk about because its so weird I didn't want to ruin any of the WOW factor) art style, and combat this is a Triple A DS title.