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11:52 PM on 01.16.2009

My view on Chrono Trigger

I have been wanting to try Chrono Trigger for a while but didn't quite have the money to buy it. So when my friend said he would loan it to me I was overjoyed.Chrono Trigger has been my second jrpg (my first being Persona 4), and going in I had the common stereotype of a jrpg ( party members, leveling up, turn-based, and a long story). I do admit I was a little hesitant to play it due to the fact that I find many turn based games repetitive and boring.However I am thoroughly glad that I did not give up on this game.

For my first hour or so I did not really think this game was anything special at all, I thought it was just like the other jrpg's i have seen. As soon as I had mastered the basics of combat and downed my first boss I could not put this game down. The combat, is alot different from what I have seen/heard about Final Fantasy combat, which I am glad of because the Final Fantasy series is the series which mostly turned me off from the genre. I have had my first fight with Magus and he was very hard but also very fun once you have a strategy down, I like how all the bosses require a strategy and you can't just attack and then heal when you have low health.

One of the most touching scenes for me which really impacted me and made me care about the character a lot more was the whole Masamune cutscene where you get to see why frog is the way he is and you get to see him unsheath the Masamune. I had strong emotions to that whole scene and felt a greater connection to frog and from there on frog was my favorite member of my party.


^^Theres the part I was talking about, the one part you don't get to see is where you see how frog actually became a frog.

What is great about that cutscene is your really get a sense of the epicness of the whole scene, the music fits in perfectly and the dialogue is perfect. You feel in the moment and you really get a good sense of who frog his and his determination for going after Magus. Its one of those scenes where Its so well done you get fuzzy inside when watching it with others.

So I am really enjoying Chrono Trigger and am extremely glad I did not pass down this game.   read

6:11 PM on 01.16.2009

My view on Persona 4

So I recently started playing my first jrpg (Persona 4) and I love it. I always thought Japanese rpg's are boring and I never really played one till Persona 4.I am amazed at how wrong I am about the genre, Persona 4 is turning out to be one of my favorite games. I picked it up for my ps2 thanks to a recommendation from a friend who plays a lot of jrpg's. I was a little skeptical at first but after looking at some of the gameplay and reading the review from destructoid and 1up I was convinced that i should get it. This turned out to be one of the wisest gaming related decisions I ever made. Thanks to the reviews from Destructoid and 1up I was prepared for the long wait until my first battle. That cutscene where you unleash your persona and fight your first enemy will remain as one as my favorite cutscenes I have ever seen


Heres the English version, skip to 1:30 for the cutscene.

The first dungeon is well executed and introduces you into the combat mechanics of the game. I was playing on beginner since this was a new genre for me and I really enjoyed it, the enemy design was very cool and unique and I enjoyed the bosses. I was also satisfied with how long the dungeons were, they didnt seem to short and they were not to long either. I like the way that you could go back into the social world for a few days and improve your social links and attributes and go into the tv world any time you wanted. You never really felt to much pressure to go into the dungeon, it was actually the opposite for me. I was having such a blast in the real world I was to busy to go into the tv world. I ended up "losing" the game because I did not save the person trapped in the dungeon in time. I had to revert to a previous save in order to save her. If I had payed more attention to the weather report (which acts somewhat as a countdown timer till when the person who is trapped in the dungeon dies) I would have know the fog was coming soon and I would have gone into the dungeon earlier.

I'm enjoying the murder mystery plot which is executed quite nicely. I am only at the 3rd dungeon so I dont know that much, or anything about the killer so please dont give me any spoilers. So anyways I am really enjoying persona 4 and am very glad this is my first jrpg.   read

5:43 PM on 01.16.2009

I hope this one is better..

Hello I am seigfreid and I hail from California and I love nothing more than video games. I have an Xbox360, ps2, Wii, Ds, Gamecube, and gameboy advance. My favorite kind of games are Rpg's but I play some fps, some rts, some retro games and platformers. I also recently got into Jrpg's. Right now i am playing Chrono Trigger Ds, Persona 4, Oblivion, Fallout 3, Left 4 Dead, Farcry 2, and Gear of War 2. Other than gaming I play waterpolo, read, attempt at drawing and enjoy listening to music. So I hope this blog is better than my first blog, and if you do want to see my first blog just leave a comment and I will unhide it.   read

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