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7:45 PM on 01.23.2009

My expierence with: Resident Evil 4

While Shadow of the Colossus was the reason I bought a ps2, RE4 was the reason I bought a gamecube. The first time I played it I was really enjoying the atmosphere and feeling of the game. I liked how it felt gloomy and lonely I enjoyed the way Leon walked by default. The sound effects captured the feel of the game from the crows to the eerie music. When I first entered combat I had some difficulty adapting to the new style of gameplay and I died fairly early by walking into multiple traps and then into a tripmine. There was a bit of a learning curve but while I was still very bad at the game in the beginning I was having loads of fun.

The gameplay is a little slow paced but heats up pretty quickly once the zombies start pouring in. Basically you press the trigger to aim and press "a" to fire. It may sounds a little weird but it works pretty good. If you hit an enemy in the balls or the legs they will crouch over and if you get close to the and you press "A" you will do a kick that will either knock down, or kill nearby enemy's and kill the person who was crouching over. Leon has a pretty bad ass kick.

The story is pretty simple in the beginning then gets more complicated as you go through. Basically you are Leon Kennedy, former member of the Raccoon City Police. After the incident at Raccoon City (anyone who played the previous game would know what the indecent was) Leon becomes a special agent under the presidents orders. When the President's daughter is captured you are sent into Spain to retrieve her. You soon find that the villagers are very aggressive and hostile Leon ends up finding the President's daughter pretty early in the game, but getting her out of the place you are stuck in will turn out to be alot more difficult than actually getting her.

As you progress through the game Leon will be able to buy new weapons, upgrade old ones and sell unwanted ones. You can also find herbs to increase and restore your health. As well as herbs there are other items you can find that can restore your health such as fish. While these additions add to the survival horror essence of the game it doesn't come off as enough to make this game a true survival horror game. It ends up coming off more as an action game with survival horror elements. There is no real puzzles, or super scary moments. There are a few scary moments but they don't make this game scary enough.

One of the multiple extremely fun bosses.

As much as this game is not a Survival Horror game it is an excellent action game. The fights are tense and you need good maneuvering as well as headshot skillz. The game really gets good once you get the shotgun because that's when things start getting really fun, because shooting off exploding zombie heads are always fun. Later in the game when your weapons are upgraded really high, this game become ZOMBIE HOMICIDE BLOOD N GORE DELUX and that's a good thing.

Overall this is a great game, best game for the gamecube hands down. If you do not have this game get it now. It is also for the Wii, and the Ps2.   read

7:13 PM on 01.21.2009

Need suggestions on a good ps2 game...

So I bought a ps2 about a month ago and I have 2 games for it ( SotC and Persona 4) both are great (especially Persona 4) but I am craving a new game. Preferably an action game. I have heard really good things about Metal Gear Solid: 3 and God of War 2. But I am also looking into Silent Hill 2. So which one do you think I should get? Or should I get another game altogether? I also saw some videos on Tenchu and it looks pretty cool but i dont know if its that good. Are the Fatal Frame games good? So anyways give me some suggestions on ps2 games.   read

5:56 PM on 01.20.2009

Left 4 Dead Is Amazing

Left 4 Dead is an amazing game. It forces players to cooperate but not in a way that it feels so forced that the fun rating goes down. Your HAVE to rely on your teammates or else you will not survive. You can not go Rambo on everyone and expect to stay alive. While this type of cooperative multiplayer might not be for everyone, or might not work anytime due to retarded team-mates when it does work it is extremely fun and satisfying.

When playing as the survivors for my first time I played this game like it was halo. I neglected my teammates and ran through the apartment complex in the "No Mercy" campaign. When I was on the second floor to the bottom I was pounced by a hunter and my teammates had to rescue me. So it came to me that this was not SUPER ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE CHAINSAW DEATH GORE . This game was definably not that title. I soon learned to rely on my teammates and to help them out when they were in trouble. The use of the AI Director in the game is amazing. There are "peak" moments where the action heats up and zombies start flooding in like shoppers on Black Friday. So when playing through one campaign that I had previously played before. I told my team to get into a corner and watch for the zombies but I was surprised when only a few came. The AI director also controls when and where the tank will spawn along with weapons and items. "He" determines the spawn places of weapons and items due to how the team is doing. For example if you are progressing slowly and seem to be having a hard time the AI Director will have there be less zombies and more useful items. Valve pulled of the AI Director really well and it makes for a really fun experience each time you go through.

Playing as Boss Infected has been a really fun and satisfying gaming experience. Basically you get to play as either a Smoker ( a tall zombie that snags Survivors with his tongue), a Hunter ( an agile zombie that can leap high distances and pounces on Survivors), and a Boomer ( a fat-ass zombie that explodes when shot and when he throws up it attracts zombies). When you spawn you will randomly become one of these three boss infected. The classes are all different and fun to play as, however I do find the Hunter to be the most occurring boss infected. My favorite person to play as is the boomer because when you barf on the survivors and it attracts loads of zombies it is extremely satisfying especially when you explode on them afterwards. When your team ends up owning all the survivors to the point where it is inevitable that they will all die it is extremely fun and makes for a very satisfying experience. Every once and a while someone playing on the Infected will randomly be selected to play as the Tank. This usually happens at climax moments or when there are tons of infected but who-ever is the lucky person that will get to play the Tank will have loads of fun. The tank is basically the hulk, but a zombie. He can throw cars and maul people down. On the finale of the "No Mercy" campaign the survivors are on a hospital rooftop waiting for a helicopter to rescue them. Knocking the survivors off the rooftop is the most fun thing you can do in this game.

Tank gameplay

So if you have the money to spare buy L4D now.   read

12:24 PM on 01.18.2009

The Most Amazing Fight Scene Ever. [NVGR]

This scene is the ultimate scene of a movie ever. Movie: Big Trouble in Little China


Just to let you know, that guy who he killed is the main antagonist. I have to say Jack Burton killed him in the best way ever. This movie is ultimate as well. This is one of the best funny-without-trying-to-be-funny movies ever. And the ending is the most random thing ever.

A pretty funny scene from the movie. The stuff on his lips is lipstick.

Some of the other Antagonists of the movie. Notice how there closely related to MC characters.


So basically see this movie, you wont regret it. I think you can find it in the free movies section in on demand.   read

12:55 AM on 01.18.2009

My view on Shadow of the Colossus

SotC was the reason I bought my ps2. I had heard about the uniqueness of this game for far to long to let it go on my unplayed list. It also game me an excuse to buy a ps2, which I also wanted because of all the amazing games on it. When I first started playing SotC I found the controls were a little awkward compared to other platformers and adventure games. This made my first colossus fight difficult, since I was still getting used to the controls and camera of the game. The first colossus serves as a tutorial and a way to get over the learning curve of the game. So basically once you are at the second colossus you should be used to the controls and have no problem maneuvering.

Here's the first Colossus skip to 1:00 for the battle.

SotC serves also as a puzzle game as well as a platformer. You will find your mind baffled on how to even get on the colossus in the first place. As expected, the complexity of getting onto the colossus increases as you go through the games 16 bosses. There are a few exceptions to this rule though, I found some of the colossi in the early levels harder to figure out than colossi later in the game. Once you get the formula of how to get on the colossus down though, its a very fun ride onward. Grasping onto these hulking beasts and maneuvering on them are extremely fun and give you a sense of epicness. Each of the Colossus have one general weak spot where you will have to climb onto in order to kill them. Once you climb on top you will have to grasp on while striking your sword into the weak point that is usually located on the top of the head. You can't grasp for as long as you want though, the grip meter/circle thing will eventually wear down and you will be forced to let go. When you defeat a colossus a small cutscene will appear and you will feel a lot of satisfaction.

My favorite colossus.

Finding these colossus are the dullest part of the game but help show the games atmosphere. You will find yourself thinking about how all these structures got to this place in the first place, and you will find your self imagining the people/things that were once here and how they built their civilization. Later in the game finding the colossus will become trial and error, which may annoy some gamers. However it helps show off some beautiful sights of the land.

The story is good and gets better as your progress through the game. The things I am about to tell you are pretty much all I can tell you without spoiling anything. A boy takes a dead woman to a forbidden land where it is said the power to revive people. This may sound stupid but the story does change and makes for an ending that is unforgettable.

My second favorite colossus.

I will try to explain as much as the ending without spoiling it.The ending of this game was amazing. Its like 16 minutes long or something like that and some parts are playable. Right after you beat the last Colossus and the cutscene starts you know something big is going to happen. The first playable part of the ending is pretty cool, I won't say anything but that its epic. The second playable part is epic also, just not as epic as the first playable part. However none of what you do in the playable parts of the ending affects the outcome of the game. the ending will make you feel empty inside, or at least that what it did to me. It will also make you feel angry. But both of these feelings are not directed toward the game or the ending. You wont be disappointed in the ending at all, it will just leave you with feelings other than joy or happiness, or satisfaction.

Btw, I played the 2/3 of this game without a memory card so I had to leave my ps2 on 24/7
Now to get my hands on ICO...   read

8:19 PM on 01.17.2009

My expierence with Oblivion

Oblivion is one of my favorite games of all time; I have some of the fondest memories of sneaking around castles, fighting undead in Ayleid ruins, and role-playing in the seemingly infinite world. It was my first Rpg and it introduced me to the genre. It captivated me from the very beginning and still captivates me to this day. As I first stepped out into the massive world I was awed, I could not believe what I was seeing, endless expansive environment compared to the much more linear games I played. I tested walking all over just to make sure I could go everywhere I saw. I of course couldn’t go everywhere, this world wasn’t a globe but after walking for 10 minutes I realized this was the real deal, I could go as far as I wanted…most of the time. I did a few quests in the main quest line, but was drawn away by all the side quests and guilds. I joined the Fighters Guild, and was amazed at how the guild had different halls and guild buildings in different cities, and how they operated as service as well as a place for people of the same fighting type or motives to come together. The second guild I joined, which would become the primary reason why Oblivion became my favorite game was the Dark Brotherhood. When I killed someone for the first time and went to sleep thinking nothing would happen and saw Lucien Lachance standing above me saying “you sleep rather soundly for a murderer.” I was amazed. That was the coolest thing ever I didn’t know who he was or where he was from but I knew he looked cool and had somewhat of an accent. At first I thought he was the Grim Reaper or someone similar, but then as he continued talking I realized he, and what he represented was something much cooler.

So I murdered Rufio, and was accepted into the Dark Brotherhood, the first time a saw the door, I thought it was one of the coolest things, it was like a secret society for murdering people! I did the first couple quests for the guild and was captivated by the mix of stealth, and secretness of the guild and its contracts. I became a vampire and role-played while I was doing Dark Brotherhood quests, or anything related to the Dark Brotherhood. SPOILERS> When Lucien Lachance told me to kill off the other members of the Cheydinhal sanctuary, I was shocked. I found myself having a hard time actually killing off each and every one of the fellow members I had grown to love.<end of spoilers

My first guild I completed was the Dark Brotherhood mainly because I could not focus on anything else, I was constantly focusing on my next contract. The guild drew me in. I think this is because after you have been sneaking around evading guards and lurking in the shadows, and you finally make that kill, there is so much satisfaction you get. It's like beating a hard boss, except that sneaking around didn't seem hard.

What made Oblivion truly the game it is to me today is that you could be anyone you wanted to be. You didn't have to start over if you wanted to be a magic user but you were a stealth orientated class, you could still learn magic. I completed every single guild and every single sidequest I could find. But the one thing I never beat was the main quest, it did not draw me in unlike the other quests and guilds. Every now and then I would do a section of it but I never actually finished the main quest. And I think it is because you didn't get that satisfactory feeling when you finished a part of the main quest.

I bought ever single one of the DLC packs, including the horse armor one. I especially enjoyed the "Vile Lair" DLC. The Vile Lair basically served as a place for an evil character to sleep, relax and enjoy himself.You had to unlock the sections of the Vile Lair by doing different mini quests and giving this one guy money. One of the most evil things you got to unlock was a your very own prisoner to feed on. Another very cool thing that was within the Vile Lair was a Shrine to Sithis. That was probably the most bad-ass and evil looking place ever. There were bodies coming out of the wall with their arms flung out. It was the coolest hide out ever.

The Shrine of Sithis

When The Shivering Isles was announced I could not wait to get it, and when I did and stepped into the bizzare world that was the Shivering Isles I knew it was going to be great. I got through about half of the Shiver Isles, loving every moment of it. But then one day I came home to find my Xbox was stolen along with my Psp. My 8 days of playtime meant nothing anymore, I had completely forgot my gamertag too so all those achievments were lost along with all my data.

Fucking robbers.   read

11:52 PM on 01.16.2009

My view on Chrono Trigger

I have been wanting to try Chrono Trigger for a while but didn't quite have the money to buy it. So when my friend said he would loan it to me I was overjoyed.Chrono Trigger has been my second jrpg (my first being Persona 4), and going in I had the common stereotype of a jrpg ( party members, leveling up, turn-based, and a long story). I do admit I was a little hesitant to play it due to the fact that I find many turn based games repetitive and boring.However I am thoroughly glad that I did not give up on this game.

For my first hour or so I did not really think this game was anything special at all, I thought it was just like the other jrpg's i have seen. As soon as I had mastered the basics of combat and downed my first boss I could not put this game down. The combat, is alot different from what I have seen/heard about Final Fantasy combat, which I am glad of because the Final Fantasy series is the series which mostly turned me off from the genre. I have had my first fight with Magus and he was very hard but also very fun once you have a strategy down, I like how all the bosses require a strategy and you can't just attack and then heal when you have low health.

One of the most touching scenes for me which really impacted me and made me care about the character a lot more was the whole Masamune cutscene where you get to see why frog is the way he is and you get to see him unsheath the Masamune. I had strong emotions to that whole scene and felt a greater connection to frog and from there on frog was my favorite member of my party.


^^Theres the part I was talking about, the one part you don't get to see is where you see how frog actually became a frog.

What is great about that cutscene is your really get a sense of the epicness of the whole scene, the music fits in perfectly and the dialogue is perfect. You feel in the moment and you really get a good sense of who frog his and his determination for going after Magus. Its one of those scenes where Its so well done you get fuzzy inside when watching it with others.

So I am really enjoying Chrono Trigger and am extremely glad I did not pass down this game.   read

6:11 PM on 01.16.2009

My view on Persona 4

So I recently started playing my first jrpg (Persona 4) and I love it. I always thought Japanese rpg's are boring and I never really played one till Persona 4.I am amazed at how wrong I am about the genre, Persona 4 is turning out to be one of my favorite games. I picked it up for my ps2 thanks to a recommendation from a friend who plays a lot of jrpg's. I was a little skeptical at first but after looking at some of the gameplay and reading the review from destructoid and 1up I was convinced that i should get it. This turned out to be one of the wisest gaming related decisions I ever made. Thanks to the reviews from Destructoid and 1up I was prepared for the long wait until my first battle. That cutscene where you unleash your persona and fight your first enemy will remain as one as my favorite cutscenes I have ever seen


Heres the English version, skip to 1:30 for the cutscene.

The first dungeon is well executed and introduces you into the combat mechanics of the game. I was playing on beginner since this was a new genre for me and I really enjoyed it, the enemy design was very cool and unique and I enjoyed the bosses. I was also satisfied with how long the dungeons were, they didnt seem to short and they were not to long either. I like the way that you could go back into the social world for a few days and improve your social links and attributes and go into the tv world any time you wanted. You never really felt to much pressure to go into the dungeon, it was actually the opposite for me. I was having such a blast in the real world I was to busy to go into the tv world. I ended up "losing" the game because I did not save the person trapped in the dungeon in time. I had to revert to a previous save in order to save her. If I had payed more attention to the weather report (which acts somewhat as a countdown timer till when the person who is trapped in the dungeon dies) I would have know the fog was coming soon and I would have gone into the dungeon earlier.

I'm enjoying the murder mystery plot which is executed quite nicely. I am only at the 3rd dungeon so I dont know that much, or anything about the killer so please dont give me any spoilers. So anyways I am really enjoying persona 4 and am very glad this is my first jrpg.   read

5:43 PM on 01.16.2009

I hope this one is better..

Hello I am seigfreid and I hail from California and I love nothing more than video games. I have an Xbox360, ps2, Wii, Ds, Gamecube, and gameboy advance. My favorite kind of games are Rpg's but I play some fps, some rts, some retro games and platformers. I also recently got into Jrpg's. Right now i am playing Chrono Trigger Ds, Persona 4, Oblivion, Fallout 3, Left 4 Dead, Farcry 2, and Gear of War 2. Other than gaming I play waterpolo, read, attempt at drawing and enjoy listening to music. So I hope this blog is better than my first blog, and if you do want to see my first blog just leave a comment and I will unhide it.   read

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