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seigfreid avatar 12:55 AM on 01.18.2009  (server time)
My view on Shadow of the Colossus

SotC was the reason I bought my ps2. I had heard about the uniqueness of this game for far to long to let it go on my unplayed list. It also game me an excuse to buy a ps2, which I also wanted because of all the amazing games on it. When I first started playing SotC I found the controls were a little awkward compared to other platformers and adventure games. This made my first colossus fight difficult, since I was still getting used to the controls and camera of the game. The first colossus serves as a tutorial and a way to get over the learning curve of the game. So basically once you are at the second colossus you should be used to the controls and have no problem maneuvering.

Here's the first Colossus skip to 1:00 for the battle.

SotC serves also as a puzzle game as well as a platformer. You will find your mind baffled on how to even get on the colossus in the first place. As expected, the complexity of getting onto the colossus increases as you go through the games 16 bosses. There are a few exceptions to this rule though, I found some of the colossi in the early levels harder to figure out than colossi later in the game. Once you get the formula of how to get on the colossus down though, its a very fun ride onward. Grasping onto these hulking beasts and maneuvering on them are extremely fun and give you a sense of epicness. Each of the Colossus have one general weak spot where you will have to climb onto in order to kill them. Once you climb on top you will have to grasp on while striking your sword into the weak point that is usually located on the top of the head. You can't grasp for as long as you want though, the grip meter/circle thing will eventually wear down and you will be forced to let go. When you defeat a colossus a small cutscene will appear and you will feel a lot of satisfaction.

My favorite colossus.

Finding these colossus are the dullest part of the game but help show the games atmosphere. You will find yourself thinking about how all these structures got to this place in the first place, and you will find your self imagining the people/things that were once here and how they built their civilization. Later in the game finding the colossus will become trial and error, which may annoy some gamers. However it helps show off some beautiful sights of the land.

The story is good and gets better as your progress through the game. The things I am about to tell you are pretty much all I can tell you without spoiling anything. A boy takes a dead woman to a forbidden land where it is said the power to revive people. This may sound stupid but the story does change and makes for an ending that is unforgettable.

My second favorite colossus.

I will try to explain as much as the ending without spoiling it.The ending of this game was amazing. Its like 16 minutes long or something like that and some parts are playable. Right after you beat the last Colossus and the cutscene starts you know something big is going to happen. The first playable part of the ending is pretty cool, I won't say anything but that its epic. The second playable part is epic also, just not as epic as the first playable part. However none of what you do in the playable parts of the ending affects the outcome of the game. the ending will make you feel empty inside, or at least that what it did to me. It will also make you feel angry. But both of these feelings are not directed toward the game or the ending. You wont be disappointed in the ending at all, it will just leave you with feelings other than joy or happiness, or satisfaction.

Btw, I played the 2/3 of this game without a memory card so I had to leave my ps2 on 24/7
Now to get my hands on ICO...

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