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seigfreid avatar 8:19 PM on 01.17.2009  (server time)
My expierence with Oblivion

Oblivion is one of my favorite games of all time; I have some of the fondest memories of sneaking around castles, fighting undead in Ayleid ruins, and role-playing in the seemingly infinite world. It was my first Rpg and it introduced me to the genre. It captivated me from the very beginning and still captivates me to this day. As I first stepped out into the massive world I was awed, I could not believe what I was seeing, endless expansive environment compared to the much more linear games I played. I tested walking all over just to make sure I could go everywhere I saw. I of course couldn’t go everywhere, this world wasn’t a globe but after walking for 10 minutes I realized this was the real deal, I could go as far as I wanted…most of the time. I did a few quests in the main quest line, but was drawn away by all the side quests and guilds. I joined the Fighters Guild, and was amazed at how the guild had different halls and guild buildings in different cities, and how they operated as service as well as a place for people of the same fighting type or motives to come together. The second guild I joined, which would become the primary reason why Oblivion became my favorite game was the Dark Brotherhood. When I killed someone for the first time and went to sleep thinking nothing would happen and saw Lucien Lachance standing above me saying “you sleep rather soundly for a murderer.” I was amazed. That was the coolest thing ever I didn’t know who he was or where he was from but I knew he looked cool and had somewhat of an accent. At first I thought he was the Grim Reaper or someone similar, but then as he continued talking I realized he, and what he represented was something much cooler.

So I murdered Rufio, and was accepted into the Dark Brotherhood, the first time a saw the door, I thought it was one of the coolest things, it was like a secret society for murdering people! I did the first couple quests for the guild and was captivated by the mix of stealth, and secretness of the guild and its contracts. I became a vampire and role-played while I was doing Dark Brotherhood quests, or anything related to the Dark Brotherhood. SPOILERS> When Lucien Lachance told me to kill off the other members of the Cheydinhal sanctuary, I was shocked. I found myself having a hard time actually killing off each and every one of the fellow members I had grown to love.<end of spoilers

My first guild I completed was the Dark Brotherhood mainly because I could not focus on anything else, I was constantly focusing on my next contract. The guild drew me in. I think this is because after you have been sneaking around evading guards and lurking in the shadows, and you finally make that kill, there is so much satisfaction you get. It's like beating a hard boss, except that sneaking around didn't seem hard.

What made Oblivion truly the game it is to me today is that you could be anyone you wanted to be. You didn't have to start over if you wanted to be a magic user but you were a stealth orientated class, you could still learn magic. I completed every single guild and every single sidequest I could find. But the one thing I never beat was the main quest, it did not draw me in unlike the other quests and guilds. Every now and then I would do a section of it but I never actually finished the main quest. And I think it is because you didn't get that satisfactory feeling when you finished a part of the main quest.

I bought ever single one of the DLC packs, including the horse armor one. I especially enjoyed the "Vile Lair" DLC. The Vile Lair basically served as a place for an evil character to sleep, relax and enjoy himself.You had to unlock the sections of the Vile Lair by doing different mini quests and giving this one guy money. One of the most evil things you got to unlock was a your very own prisoner to feed on. Another very cool thing that was within the Vile Lair was a Shrine to Sithis. That was probably the most bad-ass and evil looking place ever. There were bodies coming out of the wall with their arms flung out. It was the coolest hide out ever.

The Shrine of Sithis

When The Shivering Isles was announced I could not wait to get it, and when I did and stepped into the bizzare world that was the Shivering Isles I knew it was going to be great. I got through about half of the Shiver Isles, loving every moment of it. But then one day I came home to find my Xbox was stolen along with my Psp. My 8 days of playtime meant nothing anymore, I had completely forgot my gamertag too so all those achievments were lost along with all my data.

Fucking robbers.

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