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seigfreid avatar 2:37 PM on 02.01.2009  (server time)
10 (+ 2) things you didnt know about Seigfreid

In no particular order at all here is the list

My dad is a gamer.

He used to be a big fan of StarWars games, specifically Star Wars outcast and other Jedi Knight games but now since they don't really make those games anymore he plays lots of COD:WAW on veteran and Gears of War 2 horde mode. I usually find him playing horde with my 11 year old brother, who also plays a shitload of games.

I play water polo.

I've been playing since 6th grade and It's a really fun sport. It's how I get my exercise, some of you might not know what this is, its basically soccer fused with football played in the water. You have 2 goals and 1 ball and anything you do under the water is not a foul. So you get lots of bruises and stuff

I'm a nerd

Pretty much everyone here on Destructoid are nerds though. I really enjoy anime and anything Japan. I also read lots of manga and own the entire Deathnote manga and Naruto manga. I am only proud of owning all the Deathnote manga. Naruto is kind of stupid.

I would burn down a nursery for a ps3

I want a ps3 so bad. I just need to play Valkyria Chronicles and MGS4.

My brothers both play games and are fucking good

My 11 year old brother is in a clan for DOD:S (day of defeat source). And he is really good, not to mention how he usually pwns people at tf2 and l4d.

I'm the only one in my family that enjoys RPG's

This kind of is dissapointing, nobody in my family likes RPG's. They just seem to lack the intellegence needed to enjoy a fine story along with great gameplay.

I Love History

Particularly WW2 history. I often read books on D-Day and other famous battles and wars. Unfortunately my Social-Studies teacher this year is pretty retarded and just copies thing off other teachers.

Me and my friend are making a game.

He knows C++ and hes making it in Torgue game editor, I'm doing 3d modeling and Interface. It going to be multiplayer and 1st person. Basically its just an arena shooter like Unreal Tournament.

I am new to JRPG's

I am in the middle of both Chrono Trigger and Persona 4. I just started Mother 3. But JRPG's are awesome. They are becoming my favorite genre.

My mom got the Xbox 360 for us on its release date.

She is amazing, she stood in line at 4 in the morning to get it for us even though we didn't open it till Christmas. I really didnt believe she actually stood in line that long. People were telling her how cool she is for standing in line to get her sons an Xbox.

My xbox has been stolen 2 times

And it pisses me off so much. I live in this really urban area with lots of gangster people so I have to deal with other crap all the time. What pisses me off the most is that I had played the fuck out of Oblivion and all that data is gone now.

I love Pokemon
I have 200 hours+ played on that game and used to play it competitively. One of my friends has 1000+ hours on Ookemon diamond and has beat ever single Pokemon game including Platinum

So theres my list for the whole fad thats going on

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