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I'm an Nintendo kid.

Here are my favorite games for each genre.

RPGs: Chrono Trigger

FPSs: Fallout 3

Platformers: N+

Zelda: Majora's Mask

Mario: Super Mario Sunshine

Sonic: Adventure 2 Battle (for GameCube)

Fighters: Tatsunoko v.s Capcom

Beat em' up: Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Racing: F-Zero X

Favorite Game Of All Time: Okami

Fave Wii Game: Okami

Fave DS Game: Henry Hatsworth

Fave 64 Game: Shadows of the Empire

Fave GameCube Game: Wind Waker

Fave GBA: Golden Sun 2: The Lost Age

Fave 360: Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts

Fave PS3: Little Big Planet

Fave GB: Super Mario Bros. Deluxe

Fave SNES: EarthBound

NES: Zelda II: Adventure of Link

Fave PC: GTA: San Andreas
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It came out a few months ago, this nappy (diaper) commercial in Australia.
Not related to videogames, but is funny all the same.

64 was good, so was Sunshine...until I BROKE THE DISC WITH MY FOREHEAD!!!!!
fuckin' blooper surfing...bump into one thing and you die....

Aaaannnnyway, I hate Super Mario Galaxy.

Lets start with the obvious stuff.

The story:

Story was shit, it wasn't the story that kept me playing.
I know for a story, Mario is not the best thing to turn to.
They could have at least made more of an effort.

The storybook was just as bad.
The gameplay:

I usually find myself leaping over small planets and stuff throughout certain levels, so I can like, orbit around it.
That was pretty fun.
The two player co-op was alright, but pretty annoying alot of the time, the second player kept making me jump in the air, very irritating.
Almost every enemy and boss was easy, except Bouldergeist with the Daredevil Comet.
The Prankster Comets were annoying to have around, but were good for variety to an extent.
That mini-game where you roll around on that marble..was bullshit.
So did the Manta Ray surfing...oh god the manta surfing..
The controls:

Jumping was fine.
So was moving.
Manta Ray surfing had the worst controls I've ever witnessed.
The marble stage wasn't far behind.
...yea I do suck at them...
Camera was annoying and never really worked when you wanted it to.


Other stuff:

Something that really bugged me was the fact that the game treated you like a newbie.
For one thing, the part in the game when you first go into space and all those space bunnies and stars are teaching you the controls.
I mean, of course you press 'A' to jump, what do they think we're gonna do!? Press '2' to jump!?
And the health bar is shorter than 64 and Sunshine.

I mean, Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine both had eight bars of health, as opposed to Galaxy, where you had only three, but you could get a power up that would increase your health up to six.
But you can lose the powerup through two different means.

Lose three health with you six health powerup, and it goes back to three and yo can't increase your health back up to six.
You can also fall off a cliff or finish the level to lose it, its not permanent.
And as you progress through the game, a toad starts giving you mail from the princess that includes about ten 1-UPs.

So I'm thinking "Why make the game treat me like a toddler when they're gonna make me die easier?"

And I get why they're making more easy, because they're introducing the game to a new audience of gamers who aren't experienced.

Not to mention after getting 120 stars (entire game) as Mario, you can start the entire game again as Luigi.
The differences between Mario and Luigi in Galaxy are so small that its almost pointless.

Luigi is faster, can jump higher and has low traction. (any regular terrain, will be like ice to Luigi)
When people talk to you, they say the exact same thing if you were Mario, but replace Mario's name with Luigi's in text.

The levels get kinda sucky late in the game (except the Melty Molten Galaxy, that was amazing).
The final fight against Bowser was easy, boring and annoying.
Waggle is fuckin' shit.
That little 'twirl' attack you get was lame and stupid.
And if it's in space, how come I can't jump super high, whenever I wanted to?
It would make more sense and would be more fun.

The Mario & Luigi games suck too.