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seamonkey420 avatar 8:22 PM on 06.18.2009  (server time)
PSP Custom Firmware Owners: how to get your paid for FFVII / PSOne purchase working on a CFW 5.00 PSP

yea, yea. i know. i'm one of 'those' psp owners. one of those cfw users. however, as i have repeatedly said to others, the day that sony/square release FFVII on the PSN, i'd buy it. my main reason for CFW is really for the ability to replay my PSone games on my psp since sony's selections were SO SLIM.

currently i am still using my PSP Phat from launch and Dark Alex CFW 5.00 M33-6

as one of my main reasons for running cfw, the day FFVII hit the US PSN, i snatched it up on the PSN and then copied it over to my PSP. however, just as i am about to enjoy my legit copy of FFVII (full user manual, all discs in one file!); my psp shows me this error.


now i was put in a position that i had previously been at:

a)do i upgrade to official psp firmware and in turn lose my homebrew/cfw abilities?


b) do i take my $9.99 as a lose on the psp end and just play it on my ps3?

my decision? c) keep CFW 5.0 M33-6 Dark Alex on my psp and still be able to play the official PSN copy.


spoofing your psp's cfw version! dark alex has included this ability in his CFW 5.00 M33 and up versions! basically it involves modifying the version.txt and enabling the hack in the recovery menu :)

this should also work for say Metal Gear Solid PSN release and any other newer PSN release. basically we can have the freedom of Custom Firmware and still support Sony! WE ALL WIN!!! (wow, that was really hippy-ish)

Hit up my full guide over here:

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