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sdgundum990 avatar 1:54 AM on 07.09.2012
Shoryuken's, Hype, and Seth Killian

"Leaving this community would be like leaving my own family..." -Seth Killian

This years EVO tournament was certainly an entertaining one, and while it was certainly exciting to see Infiltration's Akuma beat out my personal favourite character, Gamer Bee's Adon. This years EVO was for me all about seeing Seth Killian once again. For those who don't know, Killian has been the face of Capcom America's fighting game scene, and it was quite heart breaking to hear that he was gone.

I was surprised however to see Seth in an interview during a live interview asking simply, "what has been the hypest moment of EVO so far?" Humbly, he answered seeing the community once again. At the grand event I was once again surprised to hear Killian's voice commentating each match, and to hear this just proved to me that he is here to stay. Truly Seth Killian is a man who loves the community he is a major part of, and truly it was a great loss for Capcom losing such a devoted personality.


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