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1:54 AM on 07.09.2012  

Shoryuken's, Hype, and Seth Killian

[size=18]"Leaving this community would be like leaving my own family..." -Seth Killian

This years EVO tournament was certainly an entertaining one, and while it was certainly exciting to see Infiltration's Akuma beat out my personal favourite character, Gamer Bee's Adon. This years EVO was for me all about seeing Seth Killian once again. For those who don't know, Killian has been the face of Capcom America's fighting game scene, and it was quite heart breaking to hear that he was gone.

I was surprised however to see Seth in an interview during a live interview asking simply, "what has been the hypest moment of EVO so far?" Humbly, he answered seeing the community once again. At the grand event I was once again surprised to hear Killian's voice commentating each match, and to hear this just proved to me that he is here to stay. Truly Seth Killian is a man who loves the community he is a major part of, and truly it was a great loss for Capcom losing such a devoted personality.[/size]   read

6:09 PM on 06.18.2012  

Waiting is the hardest part...

I've been dabbling in horror games lately and found myself in the mecca that is Silent Hill. It started with simple curiosity on the PSN store years ago when I bought the first. I played it for a few hours and didn't touch it until a few weeks ago, in preparation for my purchase of Silent Hill 2. What a game that was, fear incarnate to put it lightly. Then came my recent order of Silent Hill 3, which I'm still waiting for. I see the HD remakes filling shelves as of late due to it's poor reception among the fans, which lead me to buying the original PS2 copies, but as I sit waiting anxiety fills me up as I contemplate ways the store I bought it from has robbed me. I need to stop thinking about it and find something better to do I suppose. Maybe I'll try to get the UFO ending in Silent Hill 2, or try to see how fast I can beat 1? For now it's all I can do, wait and trust it will be worth it.


8:47 PM on 04.17.2012  

Getting games free is always nice.

Hunted: The Demon's Forge is a game I came across today. As I was browsing my local game store today ready to purchase Final Fantasy 13-2 finally, the clerk told me of a deal going on happening for the next few days. "Well you see we're getting rid of a bunch of stock so with any purchase you also get one of these free..." In his hands he held three games: Bayonetta(beaten), Mass Effect 2(raped), and Hunted. As I had never played it before I took it, and when I got home I slapped it in my PS3 just to give it a try and see if it worked before the Final Fantasy could begin. Needless to say I find myself not being able to put it down as I draw into my 5th hour in one sitting.

It's really not that great of a game, but it isn't bad either. There are lots of great ideas here but also many blunders. It's fun though. Pick it up on PS3 if you're interested that way i'll have someone to play with online.   read

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