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sculigoxc2 avatar 1:25 PM on 11.04.2010  (server time)
Let's debate: Is piracy good/bad for console gaming?

The answer seems pretty obvious, yeah?  I'm a shit-head for even thinking it could be a good thing for the industry, right?


Well, yeah, I do feel that way.  Yet broke gamers need to find a way to score their crack, so it'll always be around.  Especially in our electronic age where the next day makes today's gizmos ancient.  We can argue that when peeps steal from the game company, it forces higher prices and a less budget for AAA titles.  I mean, can you imagine Assassin's Creed without the proper funding for programming multiplayer?... oh, wait.  

This definitely hurts independent, smaller developers in the long run, but take a quick sec and think before you cry tears for Capcom, Activision, etc.  My pros and cons to

Video games are quickly becoming the primary source for entertainment on a global scale, with profits soaring annually.

GameStop is a legal business, but takes more profit away from Development companies then piracy does.  


Causes prices to soar on product a
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