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2:03 PM on 06.29.2008

Love Tekken 5 Online? Then join the fun!!

Well what is there to say about Tekken 5 online, besides its a fun ass game to play with other people online right? Well i thought i might extend a invitation to all of those who enjoy havin a good time trash talking and kickin ass. I am trying to get some D-Toid faithful to join me on some Tekken every now and again(every other night or so).

So if your intersted in joining in on it tonight be logged on to play and meet up in the room called "Kansas Style" (i am from there so any other midwesterners are free to come). Currently i am playing unranked for fun, but if everyojne wants to do ranked, i am in. So get hold of me if ya wanna join in on the fun just drop me a friends invite so we can decide when we all wanna do this shit.

hope to see you tonight
PSN: lungchuang
peace   read

3:33 PM on 06.10.2008

almost just got the MGS4 bundle from wal-mart, but wal-mart got me!

so, i go into wal-mart about 30 minutes ago and was looking at the ps3 games,just minding my own business when guess what was stuffed on the bottom shelf? That god damn bundle for 500 dollaroos. So me being the stupid guy i am knowing i already own a ps3 decided to buy it. So i asked one of the employees to get that bitch out....and guess what... she did without hesitation.

so i am like "hey fuck ya, time for some metal gear" but when she tried to scan for it it came up "cannot sale". But she went to her boss to double check and he knew what i was about to get so he told her to put it in the back and i didnt get it.

That just goes to show you....wal-mart wins ALWAYS!   read

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