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scorpius avatar 6:46 PM on 02.09.2010  (server time)

What do you guys think about these gulls? Why do they live out on the sea?
Personally, seagulls are a menace to life. They killed my parents when I was 5.

I can remember it like it was yesterday. There we were, sitting on the beach, enjoying ourselves. Then I heard them. Their screeches of alarm, their ringing that a new prey was found and they were ready to strike.

Artists rendering of the situation
Soon, Sean moved in. There were hundreds of them, screeching and wailing above us. We were worried, but not very much. We didn't think anything was going to happen. We were wrong.
Soon Sean moved into a downward position. They starting with the poop. All of them, pooping at once.
It came down so hard that we had no time to prepare. My brother started crying. I can still remember the tears down his eyes, as they trickled in the darkness. You see, the seagulls had blocked out the sun.

the seagulls had blocked out the sun
With us surrounded, Sean moved in to attack. They came down forcefully, with fury in their eyes and their battle cries surrounding our ears and their beaks open.
My brother went down first. Something about him made them want to get him first, as if he was some sort of danger to the rest. Hundreds of seagulls surrounded him, attacking his frail little body. His screams echoed across the shore and still haunt me to this day.
My parents ran towards the seagulls, screaming and trying to shove them away and save their son. But they couldn't. The seagulls wouldn't budge from their feast, as it was too delicious. They loved humans.
Suddenly, more of Sean came down from the sky. They attacked my parents, separating them, and feasting on them. Soon, Sean stopped cowering over my brother and fled off to my parents. When I looked over, there was nothing there. They had completely eaten him.
I was terrified. I could do nothing now but watch, watch as my family died by the hand of the seagulls. I cowered in fear and tried not to make any sound, but it was too hard. Suddenly, I roared out a massive cry.
Sean started looking at me. For a minute, there was silence. No pecking, not eating, but silence. I saw their red eyes, their rage concealed beneath them.
Then they all flew off. Like as quickly as they appeared, Sean have flown away, gone to another target.
After about 2 hours, I recovered from my shock and tried to go to my parents. They were dead, it seemed. It looked as if they had died 10 seconds ago.
I was furious. My family was dead, killed by seagulls who wanted nothing but their blood. From that they on , I swore vengeance against the villains who had nearly killed me.
I was going to kill every goddamn seagull on the face of the earth. And nobody was going to stop me.

And that's why I don't like seagulls.

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