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scizzle64 avatar 7:50 AM on 05.09.2013  (server time)
So Beginneth The Adventure Through Retro Gaming

I write my first blog with some trepidation. Not for lack of what to say but more for concern of boring the majority of current gamers out there who deem any game system earlier than our current generation "obsolete and kinda shit". I'm a big fan of current gaming, don't get me wrong. Assassin's Creed is the bee's knee's for me at the moment (what bee appendages have to do with a fondness for a certain game is beyond me). However, I long for the days when gamers were simpler. A time when games involved nothing more than jump, run right and shoot, and yet were somehow harder or offered a steeper learning curve than today's games.

Recently I began to think fondly back to the early 90's when I was a young lad, and my parents owned a Sega Mega Drive. I remember walking into department stores and going to the entertainment section to feast my eyes on all the wild and wonderful Mega Drive games on display. A time when the latest Sonic The Hedgehog or Super Mario game was almost considered "an event". Somewhere between the 90's and now, gaming has lost that magic to me. My early 90's childhood consisted of Sega games, Michael Jackson music, the dawn of The Simpsons, and awesome movies (Terminator 2 anyone? How bout' some Jurassic Park?). I wouldn't trade those days in for the world. However recently I came to a realization. While I still enjoy endlessly watching The Simpsons, occasionally listening to some classic Jacko and enjoying every re-watch of Terminator 2, there was one part of my childhood I wanted back. My ever so simple Sega.

The desperate need for nostalgia began by downloading Mega Drive ROMS for my emulator and for a while it was good, but it just wasn't the same. It lacked the magic that came from holding that controller in your hand and seeing the game as it was meant to be played, on a TV, not in a window on my PC. And that's when the decision was made to track down a Sega Mega Drive and begin my Mega Drive game collection. I may have a vast collection of ROMS on my PC but now it only serves as a 'try before I buy' system. What  I really want is the game in good ol' fashioned cartridge form.

Luckily, recently I stumbled upon a first model Sega Mega Drive (the model I owned as a child) and a few games. My collection has started. Hence this blog. I searched around and noticed very few reviews floating around online for old school games (unless it's a review of a modern re-release in some kind of game's compilation), so I decided to blog my journey through retro games, reviewing each one I come across on its own merits. Hopefully, anyone keen to start their own collection can use my reviews as a basis. Anyways, enough with the introductions. Let's begin...

The new Sega Mega Drive - in all it's glory

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