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scikoolaid avatar 2:16 AM on 12.05.2011  (server time)
Nintendo behind the times

Anyone who says Nintendo is 'behind' because their next system will be like x360 and slightly better must never have heard of the Gameboy. Already forgot all the casualties vs the old hardware Gameboy? It killed off multiple gaming devices that had backlit screens, greater power, colored screens for christ sake, and yet we still loved the games it had. Why? Ask yourself the question and think about it.

The run down is, Nintendo has always made hardware with principles behind it, they make hardware that might be 'last gen' if you follow the rest of the tech world, yes, thats true. But theres a reason. The hardware runs cheap in cost, runs cool, has great stability, has better efficiency and it keeps you gaming on the cheap. Is it really that insulting to keep your hobby cheap? Or is the lure of the newest technology which comes out expensive as shit, runs hot as shit, and not refined for crap better alternative? Ask yourself how that makes any damned sense.

And lets not even begin to try to consider the fact that limitations on hardware force creativity, new and interesting concepts bloom from trying to overcome walls in development.

I think we have a problem if you think gaming is supposed to cost 400-600 per system at launch, games that cost 60 bucks with no alternative, and things like online multiplayer that costs another sum per year. I mean seriously? Lets not even forget that X360 had to be revised 3 times to even run reliably, and still ran hot as crap, sucked electricity like crazy, and the same goes for the ps3. Look at the Wii's cost of use, and the build quality. Try dropping your Xbox360 or PS3 down a flight of stairs let me know how that works out for you.

Anyway, time and time again, you can see in the past the Gameboy destroying all competition, the entire Gameboy line actually, and the DS continued it (talking about the 3DS rough entry is irrelevant- we are in the making of its history now, you can't pass judgment yet).

Meanwhile you have seen Sony and Microsoft this currently ending gen to have lost money on the launch of their systems from the start, pushing hardware quality testings on the consumers and deciding to change their hardware through the generation at the cost of anyone who bought before the revisions. Its DISGUSTING. If all you care about is the newest hardware for your games regardless of costs then I assume you don't even buy your own stuff, nor do you consider the viability of the industry to continue on a path like that. It will suffer from such practices.

This is my first blog post, and I don't think I would post more. I felt that a comment I've made in a thread just needed to be on my barren blog because I think it would serve well to bring up what I think gets missed in discussions about the next gen and how people feel they can discount something before it even comes out. Whether anyone reads this or not, I don't mind, but it will exist!

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