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I'm just a dude that likes to play video games. I'm 25 years old and I live in South Carolina. I work as a web developer full-time and as a freelancer.

When I was three or four I started playing Atari with my dad and I've slowly progressed through all of the major systems since then as well as some of the now so popular ones....damn Sega CD and Goldstar 3DO!

Roleplaying games are my favorite, especially the Final Fantasy Series, but I have spent many hours with my first person shooters too.
Trying to think of a favorite game is tough, but the ones that make the top of my list would be the Half-Life series (PC), Ghouls and Ghosts (Neo Geo), Bubble Bobble (NES), A Link to the Past (SNES), Chrono Trigger (SNES), and Final Fantasy 7 and 8 (playstation).

Other than games, I also like anime, manga, playing guitar, and modding.
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This morning while I was getting my dork on, I noticed that added heat maps to all of the multiplayer levels. This looks like it could be useful for some people...especially the guy that always tries to man the turret in the middle of Valhala.
For the most part however, I think it shows us what we already know i.e. there is usually a lot of killing in the middle of the level. After looking over the maps, it seems like the lesson would be to stay out of the middle, but then where are you going to go when you need to kill someone. I mean, that's where people go to die anyway.
At least now I know to be careful! Thanks Bungie