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Savestate: Rend the Storm (Demon's Souls)

Demon's Souls is a game without many set piece moments. There are a few, but unlike some games where proceeding through the set piece in the exact manner you're suppose to is the only way forward, Demon's Souls allows you...


Save State: 'Car'mic Revenge (Saints Row 2)

For me, Saints Row 2 very well may sit at the top of the sandbox genre, a position that it got out of misunderstanding, targeting the wrong demographic, and laziness. †Please, let me explain. †Actually...there is too much....


Save State: Optimization (Unknown Flash Game)

Hey, so this is super†embarrassing - I have no idea what the name of this game is anymore! †I played it a few years ago, but couldn't find the exact game online. †Huh. †If you know what it is by the description, please let ...


Save State: No One Stops (NieR)

[Save State is my personal homage to the wonderful Memory Card series that used to be a feature on Destructoid! I don't know if I will write up any others, but I figured might as well set precedent now. Feel free to join ...


Save State: Jenny (The Darkness)

It is kind of amazing what you can find in a bargain bin sometimes. Many of my favorite games havenít been the games I purchased on day one for sixty dollars, but the games that I either purchased years after release, or ...


About SaveStateone of us since 9:05 PM on 04.27.2013

Welcome to the Save State Cblogs! In honor of Chad Concelmo's awesome Memory Card series, we decided to continue his legacy.

Remember that one moment from your favorite video game? You know, that one you made a special save file for just so you could easily experience it again? Well, that's us!

Every so often, we write up about moments in games that had an impact on us, either by making us feel super happy, super sad, or a moment that showcases how awesome videogames are! These are the special moments we saved and want to share with the world.

The best part? This is community driven!
Currently the team consists of:
Smurfee McGee
Amna Umen
Last Scion of the House of Blue Lions

But you can join too! Anyone can write up an article to be featured here. Want to get started? Send a PM to any of us or to the central Save State account.

Load state:
1. No One Stops (NieR)
2. The Impossible Maze (Antichamber)
3. Jenny (The Darkness)
4. An Assassin Takes Any Job (Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance)
5. Taking One for the Team (Einhander)
6. Courageous Stortelling (Fear Effect)
7. A Candid Discussion (Spec Ops: The Line)
8. Optimization (Unknown)

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