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savagesaladin's blog

8:59 AM on 09.25.2010

Can't stop... playing Minecraft... must poop...sleep..Minecraft...

So I purchased Minecraft last night. Why can't I stop playing this game? When I entered my first Minecraft world I just wanted to test it out for a half-hour before I cooked a couple of juicy, thick t-bone steaks. After I ...   read

8:18 AM on 07.16.2010

Diablo is dragging me back to Hell. Oh God, what have I done?

I am currently downloading Diablo II from Blizzard directly. Its been about seven or eight years since I've played. I stopped playing after my so-called friend stole all of my extremely rare in-game items from both of my hi...   read

5:22 PM on 07.22.2008

The struggle between the PS3 and I

A couple of weeks ago I bought a PS3. After a week of experiencing its capabilities I was like "wow, this a pretty incredible system". I mostly bought it to play MGS4. I purchased the 80g model w/ MGS4 bundled. A pretty d...   read

3:09 PM on 03.15.2008

Rambo 4 Music Video, probably NSFW.

A lot of people disliked Rambo 4, or just don't like Rambo movies. The biggest complaint is that he doesn't talk. Well, I don't care what you say, the Rambo kicks ass. He doesn't have to talk. He just does his thing, surv...   read

1:54 PM on 03.14.2008

SSBB Stage Creator Limited, Imagination Isn't, Smashes head into sidewalk.

Unless there is extra shit you can unlock for the stage creator, I find it extremely limited. There are probably less than 40 items you can use to build the stage. And its all very basic, too. Plus you can't use the wii po...   read

9:43 AM on 03.14.2008

Friend of mine says Smash Bros is a buttons masher, should I beat his ass?

One of my best friends says that Smash Brothers is a button mashing fighter, does this mean he knows nothing about the game? I mean, I don't even think SSBB is like your average fighter. The goal is different, there is no h...   read

3:28 PM on 03.11.2008

Let me show you my dirty SSBB pics. Oh wait, I fucking CAN.(cus of covah)

I'm not going to dance around it, SSBB is a great fucking game. I clocked 11 hours last night with a friend playing it. I ended up going to sleep at like 7am. We took some pretty dirty pictures. Most of them were hilariou...   read

2:13 PM on 03.06.2008

Trees Murder People Every Day

Lumberjacks save lives. Trees are everywhere. In our backyards, in our front yards, even in our forests. Trees like to fall down and cave in houses, killing entire families. If a tree had the chance, it would murder you a...   read

1:17 PM on 02.26.2008

COD4 Message of the Day (wtf?)

This is kind of weird. The message of the day on Call of Duty 4 reads: "Welcome to the BETA! Max rank for the BETA is currently Master Sergeant I (Lv.20). Enjoy the game!" Anybody else notice this?   read

11:04 AM on 02.26.2008

How do you play backups on the Dreamcast?

I'm thinking about buying a Dreamcast just to play backups and homebrew on it. I never owned a Dreamcast or played many of the games, and I heard its easy to play backups and homebrew on it. Is it possible to just burn a ...   read

12:08 PM on 02.24.2008

Drunk Brits make me go "HAHA" on Xbox Live.

I'm an American living in the Midwest and I've met exactly 0 Brits in person. But in the mornings, usually playing COD4, I come across groups of Brits. Usually drunk-- I mean pissed (I think). They are almost always hilari...   read

10:24 PM on 02.17.2008


Why do people still listen to that douche? Don't news programs run background checks? Maybe type in "Jack" in Google to see what comes up? I really wish this used condom would just kill himself. He's a psycho. He hurts p...   read

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